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XXL dishwasher
XXL dishwasher

Sometimes you just need more space. This is true for homes as well as household appliances like dishwashers. In a normal household, this usually has to do with the fact that the family or household has increased in size. Some may then tend to buy an XXL dishwasher, which promises more capacity for the dirty dishes. But beware! The XXL here does not automatically mean more rated capacity. Rather, the designation is primarily about the dishwasher height. What exactly is an XXL dishwasher and what advantages and disadvantages it offers, we want to explain in this article.

XXL Dishwashers in UK

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What is an XXL dishwasher?

What is an XXL dishwasher?

An XXL dishwasher, also called a large-capacity dishwasher, is 86 cm high and thus 5 cm higher than a standard dishwasher. The installation height can be up to 92 cm, depending on the manufacturer, and takes into account the development that more and more kitchen countertops are planned a little higher to allow tall people to do the kitchen work comfortably. So an XXL dishwasher can make perfect use of the space under a higher countertop without you having to deal with decorative panels.

Of course, the extra 5 cm or so in height doesn’t automatically give the appliance more rated capacity, which means you can’t necessarily put more dimensional place settings in the machine. Apart from the height, the other dimensions are identical to those of a normal dishwasher. The extra height is nevertheless noticeable, because now you can also place large plates, pots and pans in the lower basket much more easily. In addition to the XXL appliance, most manufacturers also offer the same model with standard height. In the case of the larger device, the model name is accompanied by the suffix “XXL”.

Who should buy a large XXL dishwasher?

Such a large-capacity dishwasher is suitable primarily for large households, where large people also live, and where a lot of cooking is done every day. Here, the advantages of the large dishwasher can be used particularly well, because the machine quickly becomes full, the additional height is good for your back and you are also given the opportunity to wash even very large pots, instead of by hand rather with the machine.

But also those of you who like to use extravagant plates with a large diameter of up to 33 cm, will have a lot of fun with an XXL dishwasher.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of XXL appliances?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of XXL appliances?

The advantages with the XXL dishwasher are, of course, the size of the interior. You have more space even for large plates, pots and pans, without having to squeeze anything and run the risk that the washing result deteriorates. In addition, XXL appliances are mainly available with a width of 60 cm and a large nominal capacity of 13 – 16 place settings. So, plenty of space for the dishes of a large household with 5 or more people.

Especially among the large models, you will find dishwashers with a cutlery drawer, as the extra height can be put to good use for this purpose. In all other respects, the equipment is similar to that of the normal models. Since the XXL models are only about 30-50 pounds more expensive, the investment is worth it for most of us. You can find out which advantages the XXL dishwashers still have to offer due to the greater height and what is rather disadvantageous in this comparison:

  • Sufficient height, even for large plates, pots and pans
  • Large rated capacity
  • Fits under high countertops with a working height of 91 cm
  • Back-friendly work for tall people
  • A lot of modern equipment
  • Only slightly more expensive than normal sizes
  • Little choice in the trade

What should I look for when buying a large XXL dishwasher?

What should I look for when buying a large XXL dishwasher?

Basically, the criteria you should look for when buying an XXL dishwasher hardly differ from those of normal dishwashers. The important thing is that the dimensions fit your kitchen and the rated capacity is sufficient for your household, so that the dishwasher can always be fully loaded and you don’t run out of dishes. Whether or not there is another rinse program often doesn’t matter, as the features of XXL dishwashers hardly differ from standard ones. The energy consumption is also negligible in comparison.

You should think about the following points before you buy an XXL dishwasher:

  • What dimensions may the appliance have so that it fits in my kitchen?
  • How many place settings does the dishwasher have to hold?
  • How flexible is the interior design (cutlery drawer, …)?
  • Should the appliance be integrable or under-mountable?
  • How important are power and water consumption?
  • Which washing programs do I need?
  • How loud can the appliance be? Do I need a night program?
  • Does the appliance need a child lock?
  • Do I need a start time preselection?
  • Is plain white enough or do I want a stainless steel look?
  • How much should the dishwasher cost?


How high is an XXL dishwasher?

As mentioned above, an XXL dishwasher has a height of 86 cm, which is 5 cm higher than a standard model.

Switching from standard to XXL dishwasher

Of course, it may make sense for you to switch from the standard size to an XXL model with more rated capacity, provided your countertop has a sufficient height to show for it. Do you often use large pans and pots? Or do you have a lot of large diameter plates that are difficult to fit in a standard dishwasher? Before you buy, observe your dishwashing habits and count how many dishes you do on a daily basis. From this, you can deduce whether a larger machine makes sense.

Which brands are particularly recommended?

If you decide to buy a large appliance and spend more money simply because of it, you should also pay attention to quality, because as the saying goes, “he who buys cheap, buys twice.” Unfortunately, the selection of tall dishwashers is currently (still) manageable. In stores, you will mainly find models with a height of 81 cm.
Dishwashers from MieleSamsungSiemens and Bosch are particularly recommended due to their quality. These dishwasher brands appear again and again in the dishwasher test of the renowned institutes such as Stiftung Warentest far in front and make the test winner among themselves.

How much does such a large machine cost?

An XXL dishwasher usually costs only about 30-50 pounds more than the same model with standard dimensions, but basically has the same features. You can find one starting at around £400.

Where to buy XXL dishwasher?

If you want to buy a large capacity dishwasher, you should get personal advice. Especially when integrating it into a kitchen, should be properly measured. To do this, you can simply ask at kitchen stores or furniture giants. However, you will probably only find real bargains on the Internet. Online stores offer more choice and often the low prices. Online sellers will not only deliver the new dishwasher to your home, you can also dispose of your old appliance right away for free.

Alternatively, you can of course try to buy a used dishwasher, for example, on Ebay classifieds. However, with used appliances, you should study the warranty conditions carefully.

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