Why do dishwashers not have a window like the washing machine?

Unlike washing machines, dishwashers do not have windows. But why not? After all, one could easily observe the washing process and detect problems during the washing process more quickly. The answer lies in the way these appliances work. In this article, we explain why the dishwasher does not have a window.

How a washing machine works

Why washing machines got a transparent porthole at some point can no longer be traced exactly. It is believed that before the advent of automatic washing machines, housewives still had to monitor the washing process, as this required them to fill and drain the water, as well as perform other manual operations. A window that allowed inspection at any time was therefore very useful and was adopted with the introduction of fully automatic washing machines.

In a washing machine, the laundry also lies in the drum, which moves at relatively low speeds in most washing cycles. This keeps the laundry clearly visible and the cleaning process controllable from the outside. In the case of the widely used front-loading machines, a porthole is also easy to integrate and means hardly any additional costs in production.

Surveys by manufacturers have shown that UK housewives still attach importance to being able to see the washing process, even though it is now fully automatic and requires no inspection.

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How a dishwasher works

Already due to the compact design of today’s dishwashers, it is necessary to integrate various components in the door. This concerns, for example, the dosing device for dishwasher tabs, rinse aid or regeneration salt. For this reason alone, it is not possible to offer a transparent door.

Also, in the dishwasher, the warm water is sprayed via rapidly rotating spray arms. A viewing window would be constantly covered with water streaks or fogged up and would not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the cleaning status. In addition, dishwashers, unlike washing machines, are often purchased as built-in appliances and the door is matched to the design of the built-in kitchen. For these understandable reasons, there is no window on the dishwasher like on the washing machine.

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