Washing glasses safely in the dishwasher

No one wants to part with a dishwasher once they have it. But even though modern dishwashers handle the dishes and glasses so safely and carefully, many users still wash the glasses by hand. Here we show you some tricks and tips on how to keep your glasses absolutely safe in the machine.

Sorting the machine

Glasses are often sensitive to high heat. That’s why you should make sure that the glasses are only placed in the top drawer of the dishwasher. Here, each glass must then stand on at least two of the racks. This prevents the glasses from tipping over.

Heavy beer glasses

Of course, you can make an exception to this rule for heavy beer mugs or glasses with handles. You can place these heavy glasses in the bottom drawer. However, you should only do this with such thick-walled glasses. Thin, fine glasses such as tall champagne flutes or similar should not be placed near the heating elements.

Narrow tall glasses

Narrow glasses, in particular, easily tilt back and forth on the rack. Since the glass has no secure footing, it can fall over when the hard water jet hits it. In the worst case, this would not only damage the glass.

  • Glasses in the upper drawer
  • Heat-resistant glasses or thick-walled glasses can be placed at the bottom.
  • wash tall champagne flutes or crystal glasses with a long style by hand

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Milky glasses – limescale

If you live in an area where the tap water is particularly hard, i.e. contains lime, then despite all precautions it can happen that the glasses get a slight limescale shadow or become milky. You can prevent this in advance by using the appropriate rinse aid. If the limescale is already there, you can neutralise it with vinegar essence or citric acid.

When buying a integrated dishwasher, ask your water company about the hardness of the water in your region. This way you can protect not only your glasses and dishes, but also your dishwasher. This information can also be important for the use of your washing machine.

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