The dishwasher is too loud

Especially in households where the kitchen is integrated into the living room, people will make sure that the dishwasher works quietly. Only then you can also talk undisturbed with other members of the household or listen undisturbed to the media present in the living room. Most dishwashers under 400 that are commercially available today operate quite quietly, and the differences are hardly noticeable. But have you ever had this happen to you, where you turned on your machine and noticed, “the dishwasher is too loud when washing”? This can happen every now and then, but it doesn’t always have to result in a major repair. Here we show you possible causes and solutions.

Possible cause #1: The faucet is not turned on properly.

Especially when you start a new dishwasher under 300 for the first time, you may hear a long-lasting vibration caused by the solenoid valve. This may be due to the fact that you have not turned on the faucet enough, and thus not enough water can flow into the dishwasher. In this case, it is enough to check the faucet again and readjust the water inflow if necessary.

Possible cause #2: The dishes banging against each other

The problem is quickly solved if you did not pay proper attention when loading the dishwasher and the dishes simply hit each other because the appropriate distance was not maintained or the dishes are not properly inserted in the holder. This should be noticed relatively quickly, so you can stop the program and position the dishes correctly after the fact.

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Possible cause #3: The spray arm hits the dishes

Incorrectly positioning the dishes can also be the cause of the spray arms hitting the dishes as they rotate and spray. Large pots and pans in particular are often responsible for this. Use the height-adjustable dish racks to adjust the height or re-sort. But cutlery pieces may also have been sorted incorrectly and interfere with the spray arm or “fly around” in the machine.

Finally, a loose or defective spray arm can also cause your dishwasher under £500 to be too noisy by rattling. Here, you should see if it just needs to be tightened up or if it does need to be completely replaced.

Possible cause #4: Too much foam

Also, if there is too much foam building up in your dishwasher, it can cause your appliance to make strange noises and the dishwasher to make loud noises. This can happen if you have not dosed the detergent properly or it is unsuitable for the dishwasher. You can find out whether tabs or powder should be used in the linked article.

To solve this problem, you can reset the dishwasher by pressing the drain button. This will stop the running program and drain the water in the dishwasher. Now you should start the new dishwashing program without any detergent for now.

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Possible cause #5: The solenoid valve is clogged.

The solenoid valve or water inlet valve is responsible for regulating the amount of water your dishwasher needs for the rinse cycle. If the solenoid valve is clogged or even defective, water will not be able to enter and you will notice a metallic vibration or humming sound.

Here, after you disconnect the machine from the power and turn off the faucet, you should check and clean the solenoid valve. If the cleaning is unsuccessful, the solenoid valve is probably defective. In this case, only replacement will help.

Possible cause #6: Clogged or defective drain pump.

Responsible for pumping out the dirty dishwasher water is the so-called drain pump. If it is defective or clogged by foreign objects such as coarse food debris or glass fragments, the dishwasher cannot pump out and becomes very noisy or hums.

To clean the drain pump located in the lower bottom below the dishwasher strainer, you must first remove it. Before doing so, please disconnect the power and water supply again. If it is defective, it must be replaced.

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Possible cause #7: Circulation pump is defective

Loud humming noises can also come from a defective circulation pump. This moves water from the water pocket to the spray arms depending on the water level. A vibrating noise may first indicate dirt residue, so you need to clean the part. You will find it under the unit. If cleaning and possible descaling does not help, the circulation pump is probably defective and must be replaced. You should call in a specialist for this.

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