The dimensions of a table dishwasher

Tabletop dishwashers are, as the name suggests, so small that you can put them on a table. But what exactly are their dimensions? Do they take up as much space as a conventional dishwasher or are they smaller?

The “normal” dishwasher

Normal dishwashers are so large that they can easily be integrated into a kitchen unit, i.e. they fit under the worktop and do not protrude beyond the front of the kitchen furniture. Among these dishwashers, there is the large standard version and the single dishwasher, which is somewhat narrower.

Tabletop dishwashers, on the other hand, are only partially oriented to DIN EN 1116 “Kitchen furniture – Coordinating dimensions for kitchen furniture and appliances”, to which normal dishwashers are subject.

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How big is a tabletop dishwasher?

How big is a tabletop dishwasher?

Tabletop dishwashers are designed to be mobile and can be carried by one person in an emergency. That is why they weigh only about 20 kg, for example. You can set them up in single households, but also in the garden shed or in a mobile home if there is a tap, because the tabletop dishwasher can be connected to the tap.

For the table dishwasher to fit in the motorhome, it must be small, but not standardised. The situation is different if you want to place it in the kitchen.

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Exact dimensions of the table dishwasher

Two versions of tabletop dishwashers are most common on the market: with the dimensions height x width x depth 54.5x63x59.5 cm. This allows you to place it on the kitchen worktop, for example, if it has a standard depth of 60 cm.

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The other size, which is also often available to buy, is HxWxD 43.8x55x50. These smaller appliances are even more practical if they are to be taken on trips or transported frequently or taken out of a cupboard. You can store the dishwasher in a kitchen base cabinet, for example, if it has an internal depth of at least 50 cm. To use the dishwasher, simply remove it, place it on a table near the sink and connect it to the tap, or use it in the cupboard itself and connect it permanently to the inlet provided for the dishwasher.

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