Table dishwasher – where to put it?

Table dishwashers are becoming increasingly popular. They are suitable for single households, for weekend homes and for use when travelling, for example in a camper van.

The purpose of a tabletop dishwasher

A tabletop dishwasher is a lot smaller than a conventional dishwasher because it is meant to be mobile. With its small dimensions, it is light – weighing only around 20 kg – and can therefore be transported relatively easily, even by a single person. This makes sense if, for example, you want to have a way to conveniently wash your dishes on a camping holiday, but also if you are having a party on your garden plot.

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The best place to set up

Where you place the tabletop dishwasher is basically up to you. You can place it on a table, cabinet or kitchen worktop, or store it in a spacious cupboard when not in use. Of course, you need electricity and water to use it. In addition, the tabletop dishwasher should stand securely, i.e. on a base that can bear the weight and does not wobble.

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If you use the table dishwasher only rarely, it is sufficient to take it out of its cupboard and place it on a small table near the sink. Unlike the normal dishwasher, the tabletop dishwasher can be connected to the water tap. This is very quick and useful if you use it irregularly. To connect it, simply remove the aerator from the tap, screw on the adapter with the hose of the table dishwasher and hang the drain hose in the sink. After rinsing, clean everything up again.

If the table dishwasher runs frequently, connect it permanently to the normal water inlet for the dishwasher. This water inlet is located under the sink. Then place the table dishwasher so that the hose and cable run down the back of the wall and are not in the way. For this type of use, it is good if the table dishwasher has a fixed place on the kitchen worktop.

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