Spray arm constantly clogged – Clean dishwasher correctly

When the dishes in a integrated dishwasher no longer get properly clean, it can be very annoying. It is not uncommon for the search for the root of the problem to lead to clogged holes in the spinning spray arms. If these are carefully cleaned, the problem is often quickly solved.

The quick remedy in between

If you need a quick fix in the meantime, you can remove individual impurities from the holes in a spray arm in a makeshift way. To do this, simply take a wooden toothpick and carefully push it into the closed holes. This pushes food residues and other deposits inwards without damaging the appliance. However, this does not necessarily remove the dirt either, so that individual openings of the spray arm can quickly become blocked again.

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Dismantle the spray arm and clean thoroughly

If the spray arm in a dishwasher stops turning at all, it should be removed and thoroughly cleaned. When removing the spray arm, remember the individual steps so that you can reinsert it correctly. If the spray arm is not fixed properly, it can fall off when the appliance is used again and may be damaged.

As a rule, the spray arms on many appliances can be unscrewed with a slight twisting movement or pulled off with a slight jerking movement. More detailed information on specific types of appliances can often be found on the manufacturer’s website.

For cleaning, the spray arm can be soaked in a mixture of dishwashing detergent and water for at least 30 minutes. You can use a sink, a large bucket or a bathtub for this. Then rinse the spray arm with plenty of clean water to ensure that all dirt is completely removed.

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Further sources of error and prevention

If a spray arm still does not turn after cleaning, the problem may be a blocked pump or a dirty fine sieve.

To prevent problems caused by dirt in general, you should take the following tips to heart:

  • Scrape or wash off food residues from the dishes as thoroughly as possible.
  • Clean the sieves regularly
  • if the tap water is very chalky, apply an appropriate descaler to the household water supply.
  • Never remove labels from bottles or glasses in the dishwasher.

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