Single Drawer Dishwasher

Single Dishwasher
Single Drawer Dishwasher

Even singles rarely feel like washing their dishes by hand all the time. However, dishwashers with a nominal capacity of more than 10 place settings are usually available on the market. A single person is unlikely to have enough dishes and cutlery to keep such a machine fully loaded. For this reason, in this article we want to talk about the so-called single dishwasher, which is characterized mainly by the fact that it is very compact, has little capacity and is designed to wash few dishes quickly.

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What is a single dishwasher?

What is a single dishwasher?

Generally speaking, a single dishwasher is a device with particularly compact dimensions. It is usually similar in height to standard models, but is only 45 cm wide and has a rated capacity of less than 10 place settings. Alternatively, 1-person households can also use so-called tabletop dishwashers, which also have only a very small capacity, but can be placed freely in the kitchen.

Since a single household does not usually produce as many dirty dishes, a single dishwasher fills up much faster and can be started sooner.

What types of dishwashers are available for small households?

What types of dishwashers are available for small households?

For a single, a dishwasher is optimal if it has a small rated capacity and takes up little space in a usually small household. However, there are different types of dishwashers for singles as well. These include:

So even in single households, you have the option of integrating your new single dishwasher into the existing or new kitchen or buying a flexible tabletop dishwasher. Here is a brief list of what speaks for one or the other type:

FeaturesNarrow single dishwasherTable dishwasher
More usable capacity+
Better energy efficiency+
Better equipment+
Possible kitchen integration+
Mobile use+
Reasonable price+

Table dishwasher for singles

As you can see, the main advantage of a tabletop dishwasher is that you can use it anywhere without any problems and then store it back in a niche. This is especially advantageous if, for example, you only want to use the dishwasher when you welcome guests to your 4 walls and thus have to clean larger quantities of dishes. Take it out once and stow it away again (in a cupboard or basement) when the job is done. However, these devices can also be operated on a table or kitchen countertop, because compact dimensions also mean a slightly lighter weight.

Because of their compactness, tabletop dishwashers are usually less well equipped. This also has an impact on power and water consumption. On the other hand, these appliances are among the most affordable dishwashers and some even cost less than £300.

Narrow single dishwasher

Narrow single dishwasher

The typical single dishwasher with a width of 45 cm is usually a freestanding dishwasher that can either be integrated into the kitchen or is free-standing. It offers more space inside for the dishes and is usually also much better equipped than the compact tabletop dishwasher. Its suitability for everyday use is proven by the fact that it is designed to wash cutlery and dishes every day. In terms of operation and durability, it is hardly inferior to the larger models. However, as far as state-of-the-art technology is concerned, it has a few minor disadvantages compared to ultra-modern 60 cm dishwashers due to its dimensions and the associated smaller space for the technology. For example, narrow single dishwashers hardly achieve the highest energy efficiency class. However, this has little impact on the absolute energy costs, which you can calculate for yourself here.

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What to look for when buying a single dishwasher?

Basically, the criteria you should look for when buying a single dishwasher hardly differ from those of other dishwashers. For most singles, the compact dimensions of the dishwasher and probably also a favorable price are likely to play the main role in any case. Whether 1-2 more place settings fit in the appliance or it has an additional wash program should be secondary for many. Energy-efficient dishwashing is more important, because it has a direct impact on your water and electricity costs.

Here’s what to think about before you buy a single dishwasher:

  • Tabletop dishwasher or narrow single dishwasher – how compact should the appliance be?
  • How many place settings are enough?
  • Should the appliance be integrated, under-counter or free-standing?
  • How important are power and water consumption?
  • Which washing programs do I need?
  • How loud can the appliance be? Do I need a night program?
  • Does the appliance need a child safety lock?
  • Do I need a start time preselection?
  • Is plain white enough or do I want a stainless steel look?
  • How much should the dishwasher cost?

Most dishwashers now have similar washing programs. The smaller devices are also worse equipped in this regard, but many dishwasher functions are often superfluous, especially for singles. Therefore, pay close attention to whether you are not paying for something that they do not need.

What are the dimensions of a single dishwasher?

Of course, this depends on whether you choose a tabletop dishwasher or a narrow dishwasher.

A tabletop dishwasher usually has a width of 55 cm. In height, it is usually about 45 cm. In depth, it needs 50 cm + some free space to the wall. The narrow dishwashers for fitted kitchens and co. are characterized by the small 45 cm width. 85 cm in height and approx. 60 cm depth are usually standard.

Advantages and disadvantages of a single dishwasher compared to a wider version

Some people will ask themselves why they should buy a single dishwasher and not a large model. For a compact narrow device speak above all 2 things:

  • You don’t have to collect dirty dishes forever until your dishwasher can be fully or efficiently loaded and started. Singles also usually don’t own that many dishes so that a normal 60 cm wide machine can be fully loaded.
  • Smaller appliances are usually less expensive.

Here now all the advantages and disadvantages of a single dishwasher compared to a larger model:

  • Low space requirement in small kitchens / households
  • Table dishwasher is flexible to use and can be stored away again
  • No long waiting until the machine is fully loaded with dirty dishes
  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • In absolute terms, full loading consumes less electricity and water
  • Simple equipment
  • Poorer energy efficiency
  • When increasing the size of the household, a new appliance must be purchased

Which brands are considered good in this segment?

Many well-known manufacturers have also discovered the singles target group for themselves. However, there are also some inexpensive brands that have a single dishwasher in their range. Typical brands that offer such appliances include Siemens, Bosch or Bomann, for example. And if the number of single households continues to increase as it has in recent years, more and more manufacturers will have to think about the singles market and equip more compact models with better technology as well as better energy efficiency.

How much does a single dishwasher cost?

It depends on whether you choose a small tabletop dishwasher or a 45 cm wide dishwasher.
You can buy tabletop dishwashers on the Internet for as little as about £200. Cheap 45 cm wide dishwashers can be found in stores starting at around £300.


A dishwasher for singles is fortunately no longer rare. You can choose between a very compact tabletop dishwasher or a narrow appliance that can easily fit in your single kitchen. This is mainly a question of how often you want to use the appliance, how many dishes you want to wash and how much ease of use you want.

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