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Siemens household appliances are a fixed feature in European apartments and houses. The dishwashers of the traditional company are no exception and can also convince in terms of price. Traditionally, Siemens dishwashers are positioned in the upper mid-range, but thanks to the large product range, you can find just about anything in the models, from entry-level appliances to particularly innovative novelties.

Siemens Dishwashers in UK

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Typical product features

With a dishwasher from Siemens, you always get a device that can convince with its modern design and advanced ideas. After all, Siemens has been successfully building dishwashers for many decades and has thus contributed a great deal to the triumph of these appliances in UK and European households. You can be sure that you will find the dishwasher that perfectly suits your needs and wishes at Siemens. The product range extends from chic undercounter dishwashers at a particularly affordable price, to partially integrable models with a visible control panel and the option of attaching a furniture panel, to fully integrable appliances that are not recognizable at first glance in the kitchen.

A wide variety of washing programs ensure the best washing results, a gentle drying process and help save water and energy. This is good for the wallet and the environment. Modern manufacturing methods and high-quality materials guarantee not only a long service life for every Siemens dishwasher, but also particularly quiet operation.

Home Connect

Siemens is also focusing on future-proof technology and is launching more and more household appliances with smart home technology. That’s why you’ll find “Home Connect” on some Siemens dishwashers. This allows you to connect the dishwasher to your smartphone or tablet and start, manage and control the wash directly through these media. The app to be installed will help you choose the right program and inform them about the status of the machine.

Zeolite drying

Some models from Siemens are dishwashers with zeolite drying. These use the natural zeolite mineral for the drying process, which binds the moisture inside and converts it into warm air. This significantly reduces the power consumption of the dishwasher, and even with plastic dishes you can achieve a very good drying result.

Special features and functions

  • Home Connect – so you can control your appliance from anywhere via app.
  • brilliantShine System – for exceptionally dry and shiny glasses
  • varioSpeed Plus – with up to 66% faster drying time
  • Vario basket system – for more interior flexibility
  • IntensiveZone – increased cleaning power in the lower rinsing basket
  • automatikProgramm – automatically adjusts settings to the degree of soiling
  • Glass 40 °C program – particularly gentle rinsing of glasses
  • Remote Diagnostics – own remote diagnostics via smartphone app
  • DosingAssistant – distributes detergent optimally in the washing compartment

About Siemens

High quality, best operability, excellent washing results as well as conservation of resources are some of the most important criteria according to which Siemens dishwashers are designed and produced. Behind it is always BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, which emerged from Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH in 2015 and is currently fully owned by Bosch. Siemens dishwashers share various components and technical innovations with Bosch appliances, which allows them to maintain their leading position on the market in the best possible way.

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