Replacing the dishwasher pump – costs & price examples

The costs for a dishwasher pump replacement (drain pump) are on average between 150 and 300 £, but can vary greatly in individual cases. The total costs consist of the costs for the replacement pump, the labour costs for the pump replacement and the costs for travel and troubleshooting. Our article shows cost examples from practice and goes into detail about the individual cost-determining factors.

Cost example: Replacing the dishwasher pump

Example situation:

  • Replacing the drain pump by independent repair service
  • Troubleshooting costs in repair costs (time expenditure included)
Arrival42 £
Spare part55 £
Repair160 £
Total costs257 £

Further down in the article you will also find two more price examples, with one more expensive and one less expensive example situation. This will give you a feeling for the range of possible costs.

Cost factors

  • Spare parts costs
  • Labour costs
  • Travel and troubleshooting

Spare parts costs

First of all, it is important to distinguish whether the drain pump of the dishwasher is defective or whether the damage was caused by a defective circulation pump.

Drain pump. In the case of a defective drain pump, the replacement part costs are usually within a reasonable range. The cost of a drain pump as a spare part for most dishwasher models is between 30 and 100 £.

Circulation pump. In the case of a defective circulation pump, repair is very often no longer worthwhile. The cost of a circulating pump as a spare part is between 150 and 400 £.

Lye and heating pump. The costs for the dishwasher’s lye and heating pumps vary greatly depending on the appliance, and these pumps are not installed in all dishwashers.

The prerequisite for repair being possible at all is that spare parts are available. This is not the case with many older dishwashers and many cheap models.

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Labour costs

The labour required for replacement varies greatly from case to case. In almost all cases, however, labour costs of 100 £ or more must be assumed. The labour costs also depend heavily on which company is commissioned. The labour costs for factory customer services of the large brand manufacturers are often significantly higher than the labour costs for independent household appliance repair services and regional electrical companies with repair services.

Labour costs for factory customer services. Factory customer services often charge according to fixed price tables or point systems. In many cases, the connection between actual working time and charged costs is not always easy to see. However, extrapolated hourly rates of 100 – 200 £ result in individual cases.

Labour costs at electrical companies and independent repair services. Independent household appliance repair services and electrical companies with repair services usually charge the labour costs for the replacement according to the usual hourly rates (50 – 100 £ per hour).

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Approach and troubleshooting

The costs for travel and fault diagnosis are usually charged quite differently by factory customer services than by independent repair service providers and electrical companies.

Flat-rate travel and troubleshooting fees for factory customer services. Many factory customer services charge high travel and troubleshooting costs as a flat rate, which must always be paid. Such flat rates are often between 80 and 120 £. If a repair is no longer worthwhile or technically unfeasible, these costs must still be paid. As compensation, often only a credit note of 30 – 50 £ is issued for the purchase of a new device from the respective manufacturer.

Travel costs and fault diagnosis costs for independent repair services and electrical companies. In most cases, independent repair services and electrical companies charge for travel in the same way as ordinary tradesmen. For companies from the regional area, the travel costs are usually between 30 and 60 £.

In most cases, the costs for troubleshooting are charged as normal working time. In some cases, however, preliminary costs for troubleshooting and the preparation of a cost estimate are between 40 and 80 £, but usually these costs are later credited to a repair.

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Example of costs for complex work

Example of costs for complex work

Example situation:

  • Repair of the circulating pump by factory customer service.
  • Replacement economically justifiable
Arrival95 £
Spare part225 £
Labour costs185 £
Total costs506 £
Siemens points out: If the pump of your dishwasher is clogged and you suspect that there may be a foreign object in it because you may have had broken glass in the machine, you can easily clean the dishwasher pump yourself.
Listen carefully: If your machine runs as usual again, the problem is solved and you can breathe a sigh of relief. You have repaired the clogged dishwasher pump. If the problem persists, there may be another cause.

Cost example simple version

Example situation:

  • Replacement of the drain pump by an independent repair service
  • Cost-effective labour, damage immediately apparent
Arrival35 £
Spare part25 £
Repair costs120 £
Total costs180 £

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Saving costs

Costs can be saved by the following measures:

  • Consider cost-effectiveness in advance
  • Avoid factory services as much as possible
  • Check warranty claims and use warranty extensions
  • Subsidies / tax deductions

Consider profitability in advance

In view of the high possible repair costs, you should consider in advance whether a repair is worthwhile at all. You can find indications of the type of damage on the Internet.

The age of the dishwasher is also a decisive factor. For ecological reasons, repairing a dishwasher is of course always worthwhile – but from an economic point of view, it is no longer worthwhile for many older appliances.

Appliance age from 7 – 10 years. From an appliance age of 7 – 10 years, it is better to do without repairs.

Unit age of 4 – 5 years. From an age of 4 – 5 years, repairs should no longer exceed half the purchase price so that they are still economically worthwhile.

Avoid factory service if possible

If there are no longer any warranty claims, it is best to avoid using the services of a factory service centre and instead use your local electrical retailer or an independent repair service to carry out the repairs.

The damage should be described in detail in advance and a cost estimate for the repair costs should be requested after an inspection.

Check warranty claims and use warranty extensions

If necessary, a warranty claim may still exist for younger devices. However, the warranty does not apply if the pump was caused by a foreign object that entered the appliance, as in most cases this is considered “improper operation”.

When buying household appliances, many brand manufacturers often offer an extension of the usual warranty period (24 months) up to 10 years for an additional charge (usually 150 – 400 £, depending on the length of the period). In many cases, such additional coverage can be worthwhile, but the exact warranty conditions and warranty exclusions should be checked very carefully.

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How much does it cost to replace the dishwasher pump?

In our example, replacing the dishwasher pump costs 257 £. However, numerous factors influence the actual price.

Which factors influence the price?

The most important factors are the type of pump that needs to be replaced (drain pump or circulation pump), the company commissioned to carry out the repair and the individual effort required for the replacement, as well as the model-dependent spare parts costs. Further factors can be found here.

What possibilities are there to save costs?

Costs can be saved by considering the economic viability of a repair before commissioning it and by avoiding factory customer services as far as possible.

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