Problems with the dishwasher – the spray arm falls off

In many households, the dishwasher is run at least once a day. Moving parts such as the lower and upper spray arms may well become susceptible to problems over the years as a result of this stress. When the spray arm no longer holds properly and falls off, it can usually either be repaired or replaced relatively easily.

How can rapid wear of the spray arms be prevented?

Since a spray arm is not driven by mechanical parts but by water pressure and special nozzle holes, it is basically not a wearing part in the true sense of the word. However, there are factors that can cause rapid wear and various problems:

  • if the spray arm often bumps against poorly stored cutlery or dishes
  • if the rotation is irregular due to clogged nozzles
  • if there is a lot of limescale
  • improper installation

Food residues should always be scraped off the dishes as thoroughly as possible before they go into the dishwasher. Paper and plastic residues (e.g. from bottle labels) can also clog the nozzle holes of the spray arm. This can cause the spray arm to run out of round or even stop rotating altogether.

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How can the spray arm be reattached?

The spray arms of dishwashers are attached in different ways depending on the manufacturer. While some manufacturers use a screw system (with a fastening nut) to attach the spray arm, other models use a kind of click system to install and remove the spray arm. Even if you do not have the original instructions, this difference can usually be made out visually very quickly. While the screw systems are relatively self-explanatory, with the click systems it often takes a quarter turn and a slight push to be able to reattach a spray arm that has fallen off.

However, it also happens that the bearing of the spray arm has worn out after many years of use of the unit. In such a case, the appropriate replacement part should be obtained from the manufacturer of the appliance and fitted. Since each spray arm is shaped slightly differently, it is essential to reorder the right part based on the exact type designation of your appliance.

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Fitting a new spray arm

A new spray arm for the dishwasher should usually be accompanied by precise installation instructions for the appliance in question anyway. In principle, however, this can also be done without instructions without a technician, if you can only muster a little skill and time. Depending on the design, the replacement part should be able to be attached either by means of a screw or as described above by means of a “click and turn” system.

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