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Miele’s brand promise states that its appliances should always be better. The manufacturer states that it does everything to constantly optimize its appliances, because it wants to be better than other brands. The brand wants to convince its customers with better and better appliances that make their everyday life at home or even in the office easier. Miele continues to say that the brand’s customers are making a good decision because its appliances are efficient, high-quality and durable. A great promise for Miele dishwashers as well.

Miele Dishwashers in UK

Typical product features

The quality of Miele dishwashers can be seen in the excellent technology and the very good results that can still be achieved through high efficiency. Miele also places great emphasis on hygiene. However, this also applies to all other appliances, which are characterized by their innovative features. In addition, Miele is synonymous with timeless elegance, clean lines and convenient handling.

The dishwashers from Miele, are available in the usual high and durable quality. They deliver the best cleanliness and drying results. In addition, they work efficiently and are known for their long service life. In addition, they are convenient to use and are available to meet a wide range of needs. The technology of Miele dishwashers is innovative. This is evident from the many new programs that ensure the best performance.

Special features and functions

  • Long service life
  • QuickPowerWash – cleans and dries normally soiled dishes in just 58 minutes
  • AutoOpen drying – automatic door opening at the end of the wash program
  • ComfortClose – particularly easy opening and closing of the door
  • Active condensation drying with the help of cool room air
  • CleanerAgent – adapts the sequence to the cleaning agents used
  • Perfect GlassCare – gentle care of glasses
  • FlexiTimer with EcoStart – always automatically selects the cheapest electricity tariff for start-up
  • 3D cutlery drawer+ – lowerable middle section with foldable spike row for large cutlery
  • EcoFeedback consumption display
  • Waterproof system with 20-year warranty in case of water damage
  • Half load – automatic load detection adjusts water and power consumption

About Miele

The company was founded by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkmann in the summer of 1899 as a centrifuge factory. Work was carried out in an old grain and saw mill located in Herzebrock near Gütersloh. Together with eleven employees, milk centrifuges were manufactured at that time. In the 2010s, Miele developed a fully integrated dishwasher of a new generation, which impressed with its special door opening principle called Knoch2open. For this, the user has to knock twice on the front to open the door of the appliance, which is hidden behind the kitchen front.

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