How much electricity does my dishwasher consume per wash cycle?

Efficiency plays a major role in dishwashers. Electricity and water consumption are the most important factors. Electricity is mainly used to heat the water. Dishwashers use little water, which also affects electricity costs.

Dishwasher electricity consumption in general

A modern dishwasher saves time and money, because washing dishes by hand uses twice as much water and electricity. Good dishwashers use less than 10 litres of water, bad ones up to 12 litres. Of course, this also has an effect on electricity consumption.

A good electricity consumption is 210 kWh /year for a 60 cm wide dishwasher and 180 kWh /year for a 45 cm wide dishwasher. Poorer dishwashers consume 240 and 190 kWh/year respectively.

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Consumption by programme

When it comes to consumption, the selected washing programme, the temperature and the running time of the dishwasher all play a role.

Consumption per wash cycle with average values

Washing program Temperature C°Power consumption kWh
Normal program55 – 651,10 – 1,35
Automatic load detection40 – 700,60 – 1,45
Short program40 – 450,65 – 0,85
Intensive program45 – 751,40 – 1,60
Gentle rinse40 – 600,70 – 0,90
Eco program500,80 – 0,90
Economy program40 – 500,70 – 0,90

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What else is important for power consumption

The load

Unless you have a dishwasher with automatic load detection, it is important to know how many dishes are in the dishwasher. Fewer dishes do not automatically mean less electricity consumption. It remains the same no matter how empty or full your dishwasher is.

The energy efficiency class

Every dishwasher built since 2011 bears the EU energy label. It shows the energy efficiency class (D = poor, A+++ = very good) as well as the energy and water consumption for 280 standard wash cycles.

The difference between 45 and 60 cm widths

A 45 cm wide dishwasher is usually purchased for single households, a 60 cm wide one for multi-person households. The wider dishwashers are more energy-efficient than their narrower brothers, provided they are fully loaded.

Did you know that your dishwasher is also a silent power guzzler? Even when the machine is not running, it still draws a small amount of electricity. Manufacturers are now required to declare this consumption. A power strip to switch it off can help.

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