Have a dishwasher installed – costs & price examples

The costs for the installation of a dishwasher are on average between 60 and 200 £ in unproblematic installation cases, but can be above or below this range in individual cases. The total costs consist of the labour costs for the installation, the travel costs (for craftsmen) and the costs for any other necessary work. Our article shows cost examples from practice and goes into detail about all cost-determining factors.

Cost example: Having a dishwasher installed

Example situation:

  • (New) installation in the kitchen unit
  • Installation by plumber
  • Replacement of the corner valve
  • Adaptation of the drain set
  • Easy integration into the kitchen unit possible
Arrival45 £
Material costs55 £
Labour costs65 £
Total costs165 £

Further down in the article you will also find two more price examples, with one more expensive and one less expensive example situation. This will give you a feeling for the range of possible costs.

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Cost factors

dishwasher installed costs
  • Commissioned company
  • Workload
  • Additional work

Contracted company

The connection of a dishwasher can be carried out by various companies.

Companies to carry out the connection:

  • Plumbing companies
  • Electrical retailers (via offered delivery and installation flat rates)
  • Household appliance services

Costs at the plumber’s. The dishwasher can be connected by any plumbing company. Plumbers charge according to materials and time spent, plus travel costs.

In unproblematic connection situations, total costs of between 100 and 150 £ can be assumed for plumbing companies to connect the dishwasher.

Costs at electrical retailers. Many electrical wholesalers also offer low-cost delivery and installation flat rates if you buy large kitchen appliances (so-called “white goods”) from them.

The delivery and installation flat rates at many electrical wholesalers range between 60 and 70 £ for delivery and connection, at almost all dealers the prices for these services range between 50 and 120 £.

Costs for domestic appliance services. Most manufacturers who operate a household appliance service and most independent repair services also charge a similar amount for connecting built-in appliances.

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Labour costs

dishwasher installed price

Scope of installation flat rates. When using installation flat rates, a certain installation situation is required for the flat rate to apply. This includes, for example, that an existing old appliance must already be disconnected from the water and electricity supply and that residual water must be completely drained from the appliance.

If the old appliance is still installed or connected, either additional costs can be demanded or the installation of the new appliance can be refused.

Labour costs for the plumber. The costs for the plumber depend on the amount of work required for the connection – and if necessary also for the dismantling of the old appliance. The charge is based on an hourly rate – but the necessary work will be carried out in any case.

Higher costs for partially integrated dishwashers. The installation of a so-called partially integrated dishwasher, which is completely integrated into certain base cabinets designed for this purpose, requires more time for fitting, aligning and fixing the dishwasher so that it is flush with the kitchen unit.

In complicated installation situations, slightly higher installation costs should therefore be expected from the plumber.

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Additional work

Additional work may still need to be carried out, which can further increase the costs:

  • Make connections | Replace corner valve
  • Dispose of old unit

Making connections | Replacing the corner valve

If no dishwasher was previously installed, a water connection, a waste water connection and a power connection for the dishwasher must first be created.

Retrofitting corner valves with multiple connections. If the dishwasher is installed under the kitchen cabinets, a water connection can usually be easily realised by retrofitting an angle valve with an additional appliance connection if no suitable angle valve is available. The costs for such angle valves range between 15 and 30 £, and the replacement takes considerably less than an hour.

Retrofitting additional wastewater connections. For the wastewater connection, the existing wastewater pipe (siphon) can also be converted accordingly, if necessary, to create an additional wastewater connection. This also incurs only low material and replacement costs.

Retrofitting of electricity connections (electrician). A power connection should be available nearby. If this is not the case, an additional power connection must be installed behind the kitchen cabinets or a socket must be installed nearby. For an additional new power connection, costs for the electrician of 150 – 250 £ are to be expected.

Retrofitting the connections for freestanding dishwashers. If the dishwasher is free-standing and installed outside the kitchen unit, the installation of water connections and the necessary laying or extension of waste water connections can be very time-consuming and incur significantly higher costs.

However, it is not possible to put a price on this as a general rule; the costs depend entirely on the respective installation situation. In the case of free-standing dishwashers, you should therefore plan ahead and ask the plumber for a cost estimate for all the necessary work.

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Disposing of old appliances

Free disposal of old appliances from the dealer. In principle, dealers (including online dealers) above a certain company size are obliged to take back old appliances free of charge if a comparable new appliance is purchased. Dealers who offer a delivery and installation flat rate therefore also take old appliances free of charge (if they are completed and completely emptied). Smaller local electrical retailers also often take back large kitchen appliances without major problems if a new appliance is purchased from them.

Transport to the recycling centre by the plumber. The plumber is not obliged to take back the appliance, but after consultation he will most likely be willing to take it to the local recycling centre for a fee (recycling centres are obliged to accept electrical appliances free of charge).

Dispose of the old appliance yourself at the recycling centre. Alternatively, you can of course transport it yourself if you have the appropriate means of transport.

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Example of costs for complex execution

Example of costs for complex execution

Example situation:

  • Free-standing dishwasher
  • Additional water and waste water pipe required at the side of the kitchen
  • Electricity connection is suitably available
Arrival45 £
Material120 £
Labour costs450 £
Total costs615 £

Cost example simple execution

Cost example simple execution

Example situation:

  • Delivery and installation by electrical store (delivery and installation flat rate)
  • simultaneous disposal of old appliances free of charge
Arrival0 £
Installation fee64 £
Total costs64 £
The dishwasher is used very often, especially by several people in the household. Ideally, therefore, the dishwasher should not be installed at the bottom but at a higher level. This makes it easier to put the dishwasher away and back into the dishwasher and makes it easier to use.

Saving costs

Costs can be saved by the following measures:

  • Use installation services
  • Planning the installation
  • Subsidies / tax deductions

Use installation services

Unproblematic installation. The costs for a plumber, who charges for travel and working time, are usually higher than the delivery and installation flat rates of electrical stores for simple installation situations or a simple appliance replacement.

Connections or adaptation work necessary. If individual connections (water connection, waste water connection, electricity connection) are missing or extensive adaptation work is necessary, it is still better to commission a craftsman to install the dishwasher. This applies especially to freestanding dishwashers, if the necessary connections have to be made first.

Planning the installation situation

Before a new dishwasher is purchased, the connection situation should be checked and, if necessary, discussed with a tradesman to find solutions for the easiest possible connection. The expected costs should be taken into account when making the purchase.


What does it cost to connect a dishwasher?

In our example, having the dishwasher connected by a plumber costs 165 £. However, numerous factors affect the actual price.

Which factors influence the price?

The most important factors are the given connection and installation situation, the company commissioned (electrical dealer / plumber) and the individually given effort for installation and any necessary adaptation work.

What possibilities are there to save costs?

You can save costs by using installation flat rates if possible and by checking the connection situation in advance and finding the most cost-effective solutions for the connection.

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