Extend the drain hose on the dishwasher

The hoses supplied as standard by manufacturers are not sufficient in length for many installation situations. Most often, a dishwasher is placed as an under-counter appliance under the countertop. If the distance to the sink and the siphon under it is more than the width of the cabinet, it is necessary to extend the drain hose.

Replace completely or patch

To extend the drain hose of the dishwasher, there are two approaches:

  1. the existing hose is dismantled and replaced with a longer one
  2. an extension piece is placed at the end of the existing hose and connected with a coupling.

If the standard hose is made of visibly inferior quality (thin PE plastic most as corrugated pipe), it is advisable to replace the hose completely. In the garden accessories trade you can find perfectly suitable thick-walled irrigation hoses made of real rubber, which put any drain hose in the shade.

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Length up to six meters usually no problem

Similar to the drain hose of the washing machine, the maximum length of the dishwasher hose depends on the pump capacity and the connection height. The specifications are less stringent, however, because the wastewater from the dishwasher is thinner and does not contain fluff and suspended solids. Six meters at the connection height at siphon level (about fifty centimeters) is usually possible without any problems. Manufacturers commonly specify four to five meters. However, attention should be paid to warranty conditions and insurance coverage.

Of course, extending creates a potentially vulnerable spot at the hose connection that can leak in the line. The following factors reduce the risk:

  • Use good quality hose clamps
  • Select extension piece with identical inner and (!) outer diameter
  • When installing the coupling, place it in such a way that no tension is exerted on it
  • If necessary, install a good coupling system
  • If necessary, seal additionally with hemp or flax fibers
  • Do not use adhesive tape as a sealant

Considering the inevitable neuralgic point on the sewer hose, a hose that is too long should not be shortened, as there are some reasons (remodeling, relocating, moving) that often make it necessary to lengthen it again at a later date.

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Research “plastic hose couplings” for the system that gives you the most confidence and best fits your hose.

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