Dishwashers Spare Parts & Accessories

Dishwashers Spare Parts & Accessories
Dishwashers Spare Parts & Accessories

Put the dishes in, close the dishwasher door, press the button, wait a while and you’re done? Or is there still something missing to get clean dishes and shiny cutlery out of the dishwasher in the end? In this article you will find out which dishwasher accessories are available for a perfect dishwashing result. In addition, we would like to start by explaining which dishwasher spare parts you can find in stores if a part in the machine needs to be replaced.

Dishwasher spare parts

It can always happen that a part in the dishwasher is defective or simply does not fit your needs (anymore). Before you sell or dispose of the entire appliance, you should consider whether the (defective) part can be easily repaired or replaced yourself. For this purpose, you can find various dishwasher spare parts on the Internet, usually even cheaper than in the store around the corner.

When buying dishwasher spare parts, you should always make sure that the spare part also fits your dishwasher model. Because only in the rarest cases there are universally applicable spare parts that can be used with almost any device. Siemens dishwasher spare parts usually do not fit Miele appliances. With Bosch dishwashers, the situation is somewhat different, as some appliances are identical in construction to those from Siemens. So before you buy a dishwasher spare part, you should match it with the type number of your dishwasher. Here are some typical dishwasher spare parts:

Dish rack

If the dishwasher basket is getting on in years and has formed rust due to frequent use, or if the paint has peeled off, it should be replaced with a new one if possible. Sometimes, perhaps, a little too much force has been applied, so that the basket has bent and no longer fits into the appliance. Since you can’t put dishes in the dishwasher without a dish rack, you need a replacement. This applies to both the upper and the lower dishwasher basket.

In some cases, manufacturers of high-priced models also offer special baskets for special dishes such as baby bottles. These can be replaced as needed at any time.

Spray arm

A dishwasher has several spray arms, with the help of which, the water pumped into the machine is evenly distributed on the dishes and cutlery. The spray arm is usually easy to install and therefore easy to replace.

Cutlery basket

Most appliances are offered with a removable cutlery basket. This makes it easier to rinse, dry and, again later, put the cutlery away in the cutlery cabinet. In some appliances, the cutlery basket can be positioned anywhere in the lower dishwasher basket. This allows everything to be arranged flexibly and optimally without wasting space.

Cutlery drawer

The cutlery drawer is still found in only a few models. The flatware is placed in the flat drawer above the upper dishwasher basket and cleaned by its own spray arm. This guarantees a perfect dishwashing result.

Glass holder

In order for your glasses to be placed stably during the dishwashing cycle, height-adjustable glass holders are important. Some of these have different shapes and are flexibly adjustable depending on the model.

Dishwasher accessories

Let’s move on to the dishwasher accessories. What comes with the machine is usually limited. Supply and drain hose as well as cutlery tray are usually included, but rather not more. For the right means to get the dishes also clean and shiny, you have to take care of yourself. You can buy these in the drugstore or on the Internet. We present some of them:

Dishwasher tabs

Dishwasher tabs make it very easy for the consumer to use. Unwrap the tab and put it in the machine. You do not need to pay attention to the correct dosage and have the job done quickly. Today’s multitabs are also no longer just clear and dishwashing detergent. They also prevent water spots, bind limescale, and protect against deposits and glass corrosion. On the other hand, they are usually somewhat more expensive and not as environmentally friendly as dishwasher powder. We have highlighted the arguments as to whether a dishwasher tab or powder is better in a separate article.

Rinse aid

If you use dishwasher tabs, you can usually do without rinse aid – but if you use powder or liquid dishwashing detergent, you cannot. Rinse aid helps the dishes to dry faster after the wash cycle and to come out of the machine without water spots.

Dishwasher salt / regeneration salt

Dishwasher salt is needed to soften the dishwashing water, because depending on the region, your water has a different degree of hardness. It also prevents unwanted limescale deposits. To ensure that you continue to achieve optimum dishwashing results with your dishwasher, it must work with soft, softened water.

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