Dishwasher Size – How big should my new dishwasher be?

If you are about to buy a dishwasher, some factors are important, in particular, the available space, size, equipment and energy efficiency. In this article you will find the most important answers to all questions about dishwasher size.

What dishwasher sizes are there or what is their capacity?

Manufacturers distinguish between 3 types of dishwashers:

  • Table dishwasher
  • Dishwasher with 45 cm width
  • Dishwashers with 60 cm width

Table dishwashers are in demand wherever there is no space or need for standard dishwashers: in mini-kitchens, mobile homes or offices. Otherwise, the standardized standard devices offer more convenience.

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How big should a dishwasher be?

Manufacturers always specify the capacity of the dishwasher in terms of dish arrangement. Tabletop dishwashers take 4-6 sets of dishes. 6-10 sets of dishes fit in dishwashers 45 centimeters wide. Dishwashers with a width of 60 centimeters can wash 11-17 sets of dishes at the same time.

What is a place setting?

The European standard DIN EN 50242 defines what a place setting is. A single place setting consists of these 11 parts:

  • shallow dinner plate (ø26 cm)
  • deep soup plate (ø23 cm)
  • dessert plate (ø19 cm)
  • shallow saucer (ø14 cm)
  • cup (0,2 l)
  • drinking glass (250 ml)
  • soup spoon
  • fork
  • knife
  • teaspoon
  • Dessert spoon

In addition, there must be space for these serving and cutlery pieces: oval platter (32 cm or 35 cm), serving bowl (ø16 cm), serving bowl (ø13 cm), 2 serving spoons (260 mm), serving fork (192 mm), sauce spoon and, for appliances with more than 6 place settings, an additional serving bowl (ø 19 cm).

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What dishwasher size does a single household need?

Depending on the requirements and space in the kitchen, singles can manage with a tabletop dishwasher or a 45-capacity standard dishwasher. Many tabletop dishwashers are just about the size of a microwave. They are connected directly to the faucet, and the waste water runs down the sink into the drain. The 45 cm narrow dishwashers offer more space and convenience with 8-10 place settings. They are available as a freestanding stand-alone unit and as an commercial under-counter unit for installation in a kitchen unit.

What you should look for when buying a single dishwasher, we have explained in another article.

What size does a small two-person household need?

For small two-person households, a 45-centimeter narrow dishwasher is recommended. In addition to dishes and cutlery, there is room for bowls and pots.

What size does a large family need?

If you’re a slightly larger family with several children, it’s best to go for a 60-centimeter-wide dishwasher. Standard appliances can accommodate 12 place settings and more. The more flexibly the dish racks can be changed, the more space-saving and effective you can use your dishwasher.

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What are the dimensions of dishwashers?

Floor-standing units are 85 cm high and 45/60 cm wide. Built-in dishwashers are 45/60 cm wide. Their standard height is 82-88 cm, in the XXL version 87-93 cm. So the dishwasher size does not vary much in dimensions. However, you should pay special attention to the dimensions, especially if the dishwasher is to be installed in a kitchenette.

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