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Whether it’s a law firm, practice or office – a separate kitchen area is part of modern business life. It provides employees with the space to prepare and consume drinks or small meals. Even in a small space, a cleverly arranged mini kitchen brings the desired comfort. A dishwasher for the office ensures that clean dishes are ready the next day, too, without anyone having to stand and wash them by hand. Find out here what is important when choosing a dishwasher.

What are the features of an office kitchen?

A kitchen in an office should be as efficient and functional as the overall decor. In most cases, only a limited floor space is available. Therefore, it is necessary to use every centimeter. The demands on load and cleaning are on a par with the kitchen furnishings at home. All the more so, because in the office there are usually numerous people using the office kitchen.

With a modern dishwasher, you prevent unappetizing accumulations of dirty dishes. The kitchen area gets a neat look when briefly rinsed cups and plates disappear right into the dishwasher. The operation of this office helper should be simple and clear. Too much operating effort discourages use.

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What types of dishwashers are suitable for the office kitchen and what do they offer?

In addition to the normal floor-standing units in different widths (60 cm or 45 cm wide), small modular dishwashers can be integrated into a cabinet in a similar way to ovens or microwaves. With each type, you’ll find more or less lavish programs and features – depending on your preference. In the business sector, the basic programs plus eco and economy programs are sufficient.

Small tabletop dishwashers are particularly easy to set up and save space. These only require a storage area close to the water connection and drain. With a capacity of 4 – 6 place settings, they offer sufficient space even for everyday office use with few employees.

Programmability and smart control have long since arrived in dishwashers as well. So you determine when the device should start its operation and the dishes are washed ready for use. However, this feature is unlikely to be necessary for many offices.

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What features should you look for in an office dishwasher?

Capacity and dimensions

In addition to sufficient capacity and optimal dimensions, you should choose a good energy efficiency class for reasons of economy and in view of environmental concerns. If speed is of the essence for you, short programs offer the solution. However, these require more energy than eco programs.


For the best possible protection against water damage, make sure you have a reliable Aquastop system. It prevents flooding. If necessary, an aquastop hose can also be retrofitted.


When it comes to purchasing, the cost of smaller tabletop dishwashers starts at around £200. Good single dishwashers are only a little above that. With increasing equipment, the price increases, of course.


A dishwasher – no matter what size – pays for itself quickly. Because it requires less water and energy than washing dishes by hand. The higher water temperature also guarantees hygiene, and it frees up your staff for more important tasks.

Tip: When choosing an office dishwasher, take a look at the noise level specification. To avoid acoustic disturbances in the office, you should pay attention to a low dB(A) specification.

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Where to find an office dishwasher?

Large electrical stores and online retailers have interesting dishwasher offers and a large selection ready. In addition, many offer a connection service for an additional fee and the disposal of an old appliance. This will provide you with the fastest possible and professional installation.

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