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Dishwasher basket
Dishwasher Cutlery Basket

It’s not just the dishwasher’s motor that has to do a lot of work over the years and has a limited lifespan. Other parts also need to be replaced when they become worn or defective. It is not uncommon for the dishwasher basket to need to be replaced after a few years because it has rusted or the paint has peeled off due to frequent use in the dishwasher. Sometimes it no longer fits properly in the machine because someone has pressed on it with too much force and bent it. There can be several reasons why it is time to replace the dishwasher basket. In this article we want to help you and show you how you can still remove rust and what you should look for when buying a replacement dishwasher basket.

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Why does the dishwasher basket rust?

The longer a dishwasher is in use, the more the plastic coating of the dishwasher basket can become porous and break. If this protection is no longer present, but the basket continues to be exposed to dishwater, rust can form in the defective area. However, do not confuse this rust with flash rust, which usually comes from pots or other dishes and spreads throughout the machine.

What to do if the dish rack rusts?

Most of the time, you can get rid of the rust with just a little work. To do this, proceed as follows.

This is how you can recondition the dish rack and get rid of the rust:

Step 1: Remove the damaged area of the plastic, like stripping a cable, until some of the rust-free area is also revealed.
Step 2: With the help of a wire brush, brush off the coarse rust and then sand the damaged area with fine sandpaper.
Step 3: Now apply rust converter to the treated area and let it dry.
Step 4: You can then use rubbing alcohol or methylated spirits to degrease the area and permanently protect your dishwasher basket with rust sealer.

You may need to repeat this process several more times (1-2 times) before you can then use the dishwasher basket. Alternatively, if the processing is too time-consuming or not enough, you can also buy a dishwasher basket cheaply. What to consider here, we will now clarify the following.

Repurchase of dishwasher basket

If the dishwasher basket is broken or too rusted, you need a replacement. However, you do not need to buy a new dishwasher right away. Whether for upper basket or lower basket, height adjustable, 45 cm wide or 60 cm wide, the trade offers spare parts for almost every dishwasher.

Dishwasher brands such as Miele, Bosch, Neff, Exquisit, AEG, Beko or Bomann offer a replacement dishwasher basket, but it does not automatically have to fit your dishwasher model. Because here it depends not only on the external dimensions, appearance and placement of the basket roll holders. Rather, it depends on many characteristics whether the replacement basket really fits your model. Theoretically, this may even fail due to the diameter of the basket rollers.

Is the dishwasher basket compatible with my appliance?

Before you buy a replacement for your old dishwasher basket, you should definitely check whether it is compatible with your dishwasher. For this, you will need the exact type number in addition to the type designation. You can usually find this on the type plate on the inside of your appliance. Compare this with the new dishwasher rack to be on the safe side.

On the inside of your dishwasher you will find the type number
On the inside of your dishwasher you will find the type number

As you can see, the search for the right replacement can be quite complex, and some manufacturers don’t exactly make it easy for the consumer either when you use terms like “replaced by” in the spare parts.

Retrofitting a new dishwasher rack

However, there are real benefits to buying a new dishwasher basket for your dishwasher. For example, new upper baskets or lower baskets have usually been developed over time by manufacturers. Old problems are overhauled and more modern materials for the coating are used, so there is better protection against rust, which has a positive effect on the life of the part.

New features may also now be included, making it more flexible and effective. Think, for example, of retrofitted folding racks, protective caps or special inserts for knife racks that allow the dishwasher to be individually equipped. Note: Only clean cutlery knives, not kitchen knives in the dishwasher.

What are flexible dish racks?

Most of us want to wash not only plates, cups, glasses and cutlery. Especially after cooking and / or large feast often need to wash larger dishes and pots. Thanks to a dishwasher with a flexibly adjustable interior or height-adjustable upper basket, you can create more space for larger items such as pots, pans or casseroles. If the dishwasher has a cutlery drawer, there is even more space in the lower dishwasher basket, as the cutlery basket is omitted.

Dispose of the old dishwasher basket

Do not forget that you need to dispose of the old dishwasher basket. This does not belong in the household waste, but in the bulky waste. For more details, please contact your municipality.


If you ever discover some rust on your dishwasher basket, there are ways to remove it. If it has already spread or you have hygienic concerns, you should replace the dishwasher basket. Of course, the same is true if it has warped due to force.

When buying a replacement basket, it is imperative that you know the exact type designation of your dishwasher so that you can match whether the dishwasher basket will fit to and in your machine. The appearance of the basket will usually only be able to play a minor role, as there are no alternatives that are too large for the respective models. Regardless of whether it is an upper basket or a lower basket, the important thing in the end is that it fits in your dishwasher.

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