Connect dishwasher drain hose

The dishwasher drain hose has two ends, which must be taken into account when connecting it before commissioning. On many new appliances, the hose is ready connected inside the appliance and only the drain side remains. To connect both sides, the housing on the dishwasher must be opened on one side.

Three common connection types

Almost all new appliances come with a drain hose pre-mounted on the appliance side. In a dishwasher, the connection spigot is located inside the machine directly on the lye pump. In washing machines, there are many models where the connection piece on the appliance side can be reached from the outside.

The following three connection methods or devices can be used or are prepared:

  1. socket with hose clamp
  2. screw connection
  3. snap or clamp connection with metal bracket

A normally black matching sealing ring is used for all three variants. It is inserted into the coupling before connection. If you want to find out about other hose connection systems, search for hose couplings.

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Insert branch piece above the siphon

If a branch piece is not yet installed above the siphon and the odor trap to the wastewater line, it must be retrofitted.

A vertical downpipe is installed under the water drain hole in the sink or washbasin. At its lower end there is a screw cap, to which connects the bent semicircular pipe of the tubular siphon or the piston-like pot siphon.

This piece of downpipe must be replaced with one with a branch to provide the connection possibility for the dishwasher’s wastewater hose. Branch pipes are available with a screw-on fitting for the hose or with a slip-on fitting that requires either a tension clamp or a hose clamp. Nylon cable ties are also possible, but must be destroyed and replaced when reassembled. Good hose clamps can be reused

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If the dishwasher drain hose has been extended, care must be taken to route it correctly after connection.

When installing the new branch pipe, check the condition of the trap right away. Rinse it out with hot water after injecting a little dishwashing liquid if it is dirty. This will ensure that waste water from the dishwasher will drain perfectly later.

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