Cleaning the whirlpool with dishwasher tabs – is that possible?

Cleaning a whirlpool is time-consuming and extremely important due to the numerous deposits. Cleaning must be carried out regularly so that the water does not become cloudy or calcified. Cleaning agents that are especially suitable for whirlpools are needed for this. For this reason, the question often arises as to whether dishwasher tabs are suitable for this.

Can dishwasher tabs be used?

The good thing is that you can clean your whirlpool tub with dishwasher tabs without any problems. The composition of the tabs is ideal for thoroughly cleaning the spa, regardless of whether it is permanently installed or inflated. You also don’t have to buy more expensive tabs, as the brand doesn’t matter at all. For this reason, they are suitable as an inexpensive alternative to the whirlpool cleaner.

On the other hand, the whirlpool tub itself is important. Not every tub is suitable for the use of the tabs and could be attacked by the ingredients. You can recognise this by limescale deposits on the surface of the tub. If a white film regularly forms on it, you should not use the tabs. The bathtub would only be damaged by using them.

Cleaning with dishwashing tabs is particularly suitable if your whirlpool tub does not use an internal cleaning system. Since you always have to do the cleaning yourself, using the tabs can save you a lot of work.

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  1. Time

    Regular cleaning is very important when using the whirlpool tub. For this reason, the dishwashing tab is used directly after bathing. This guarantees direct cleaning before dirt has a chance to build up.

  2. Continue to operate the whirlpool tub

    Do not switch the whirlpool tub off immediately after use. Put the washing-up liquid in and leave the whirlpool tub running for a while. This will clean the whirlpool tub thoroughly, quickly and effectively.

  3. Rinse thoroughly

    After use, you only need to rinse the whirlpool tub thoroughly with clear water. Only then can you use the whirlpool for bathing again.

  4. Use regularly

    It is not only the timing that determines the success of the dishwashing tabs. To be able to keep the whirlpool permanently clean with the tabs, you must apply them after every bath. This guarantees that dirt and other deposits no longer remain in the tub.

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