Clean the drain hose of the dishwasher

The drain hose of a dishwasher is much less likely to clog than that of a washing machine. This is mainly due to the lack of lint and suspended particles. In addition, filters in front of the hose intercept all potential causes. Therefore, cleaning the hose together with a maintenance cleaning of the device is enough.

The hose of the dishwasher almost never becomes clogged

When a blockage occurs at the dishwasher, in the rarest of cases the cause is to be found in the waste water hose. In the search for the cause of the jam should be noted the following neuralgic points:

  • The siphon to which the drain hose is connected. If there is a blockage in the trap to the drain line, usually an elbow pipe or a trap pot, the backwater will flow back into the drain connection.
  • The impeller in the caustic pump channel of the flushing unit is blocked
  • The filter screen is clogged

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Tube cleaning as part of maintenance

Depending on the frequency of use, the dishwasher should be given a maintenance cleaning wash every one to two months. If the machine does not have a separate program for this, the following procedure can also keep the hose clean:

  • Sprinkle household soda in powder form on the floor of the interior of the machine.
  • Put vinegar essence into the compartment for the cleaning powder
  • Run the hottest program in the dishwasher empty
  • Carry out the descaling procedure separately and according to the water hardness, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

During this maintenance and servicing, the drain hose is automatically cleaned as well and does not have to be dismantled separately. If the hose is to be cleaned separately, the housing of most appliances must be opened, as the connection is located inside the appliance at the lye pump.

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Dishwashing detergent, as it helps with hot water when the drain is clogged, should be kept away from a dishwasher.

A drain hose on the dishwasher is actually one of the rarest causes that affect the operation of the appliance. If it is a rubber hose, kneading and rolling it twice a year can make it pliable and durable.

Under no circumstances and never should you use dishwashing liquid on and in the dishwasher. Dishwashing liquid in the dishwasher has fatal consequences. Even small amounts will cause foam to ooze out of the cracks in the appliance door.

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