Changing the door seal on a dishwasher: tips & hints

Often, over time, leaks occur at the bottom seal in the dishwasher door. If you do not act quickly here, serious water damage may occur. Therefore, it is best to replace the seal quickly.

How to replace the door seal on the dishwasher.

The repair consists of several steps. In the process, follow the appropriate safety precautions. Here are the main steps:

  1. disconnect the appliance from the power supply and turn off the water supply.
  2. remove the contents (for example, a dish rack) from the dishwasher
  3. check how the gasket runs and how it is attached
  4. carefully pull the gasket outwards by hand, preferably starting from one of the lower corners
  5. after removing the gasket, clean the sealing surfaces thoroughly with a damp cloth and some cleaner
  6. then insert a new gasket, preferably starting from the top and working downwards
  7. check everything again for correct fit
  8. check whether the door can be closed and opened again properly
  9. Test run the dishwasher and check for leaks.

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Work carefully, paying attention to safety

It is very important during such work to disconnect the appliance from both the water supply and the power supply. Be sure to get an exact fit gasket for your dishwasher at a specialty store. If you need to remove the door, unscrew the corresponding fastening screws, which in many cases, however, are not immediately visible, but screwed behind a cover. When you have completely removed the old gasket, be sure to clean the sealing surfaces thoroughly before inserting the new gasket, and it is better to check the fit of the new gasket several times before finally putting the dishwasher back into operation.

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If further work needs to be done

If the dishwasher has defects or needs to be removed from a kitchen counter, think carefully about whether you want to do this work yourself. Changing a gasket is usually not a big deal, but depending on the design of the dishwasher or if there are other defects, you should leave this work to professionals. This is true even if the leaks are not caused by a defective door seal, but something in the device has become defective or leaking.

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