Best Integrated Dishwashers under £300

Best Top Rated Dishwasher Under $300

The first dishwasher was presented at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago in the USA. A lot has happened since then, almost three quarters (the exact figure is 72.3%, as of 2020) of households in UK own a dishwasher, according to the Federal Statistical Office – and the trend is still increasing.

No wonder, because the annoying and time-consuming manual washing of dirty dishes is not particularly popular. This is where technical help is gladly accepted.

Manufacturers now offer a wide range of different automatic dishwashers under £300. The most important classification features are the width of the appliance (45 or 60 cm) and the design of the dishwasher (fully or partially integrated, freestanding or undermounted).

In our product guide, we look at the types of installation, the various efficiency classes (energy and drying efficiency), the interior fittings and the programming of dishwashers. The use of detergents and softeners is also discussed in detail.

10 Best Integrated Dishwashers under £300

In the following sections, you will learn everything you need to know about installation types, efficiency classes, equipment and the programming of automatic dishwashers.

Installation types and designs

When you buy a integrated dishwasher under £300, the first thing you have to do is choose something from the wide range of different types that will fit in with your existing kitchen equipment. Some simply want a small tabletop appliance, others a “floor-standing” unit that can be placed anywhere in the home, and more and more often the desire is expressed for a more or less integrable built-in dishwasher.

The different types of appliances can be categorized into the following segments based on their design (our dishwasher comparison tables reflect the same segments):

Fully integrable dishwashers

Fully integrable dishwashers
Fully integrable dishwashers

These include dishwashers that are located under the continuous tabletop of a kitchen unit and are equipped with a furniture door at the front. Such appliances are then actually “invisible”.

In particular, the keypad on the top of the appliance door is only accessible after the door lock has been opened, which means that the keypad lock (child safety lock) required for other types of installation is generally not necessary with this type of appliance.

Advantages and benefits
  • Child safety lock superfluous
  • Optimally integrated into the kitchen unit

Partially integrable dishwashers

Semi Intigrated Dishwasher
Semi Intigrated Dishwasher

With these appliances, original furniture fronts are mounted on the front. However, not the entire front: the control panel is left out and is visible from the front.

For such dishwashers, a child safety lock is then again useful. Some manufacturers (such as Siemens) also list semi-integratable dishwashers in the “integratable” category.

Advantages and benefits
  • Control panel easily accessible
  • Well adapted to the kitchen counter

Undercounter dishwashers

Undercounter Dishwasher
Undercounter Dishwasher

These are supplied without a cover plate. So it is assumed that a continuous table top is already present in the kitchenette. The difference with “partially integrable built-in” is this: the front is not adapted to the furniture, because the front door is supplied by the manufacturer of the dishwasher under £300.

In this respect, this dishwasher is then also clearly visible from the front, in particular, the keypad is accessible to the front and should be able to be secured by a keypad lock (child lock).

Advantages and benefits
  • Control panel accessible from the front
  • Easy to set up

Freestanding dishwashers

What is a freestanding dishwasher and what are its special features?
Freestanding dishwashers

This type of appliance is identical to the freestanding type. Dishwashers of this type can be placed anywhere in the apartment, the main thing that there is a power outlet and water supply nearby. However, there is nothing against using it as an under-counter appliance.

An important advantage here is the load-bearing appliance cover, which in the case of partially or fully integrated appliances is only provided by the kitchen unit above the appliance.

Advantages and benefits
  • Under-mountable
  • Appliance cover is included
  • Can be placed anywhere

Table-top units

Table dishwasher
Table top dishwasher

These are particularly compact appliances that take up little space and are primarily suitable for use in single households.

In line with their size, the energy and water requirements of tabletop dishwashers are generally lower than those of larger dishwashers.

Advantages and benefits
  • Space-saving
  • Low energy and water consumption

Whereas in earlier times, freestanding appliances could be found in almost every household, today the trend is clearly moving in the direction of “integrable”: appliances that are fully or partially integrable, or at least suitable for under-counter installation, have come to dominate the market. More and more kitchens – also and especially in modern rental apartments – have fully equipped kitchen units with integrated dishwashers.

For smooth integration into the existing kitchen furniture, of course, also pay attention to the size (width) of the dishwasher. Here, we distinguish between narrow devices (45 cm wide) and normal devices (60 cm wide). In our dishwasher comparison, we have based the categorization of the devices on the two most important criteria – design and standard width – so that you can easily determine the most suitable device for your circumstances.
The trend can be seen in the offerings of two major household appliance manufacturers: both Siemens and Bosch offer mostly integrated dishwashers. The “freestanding/standing” category accounts for only a few percent of the total number of dishwashers.

When selecting a suitable dishwasher, not only the type of appliance – fully integrable, undercounter or freestanding, etc. – plays an important role. – the nominal capacity (number of mass covers) also plays an important role. Here, you can roughly orient yourself to your own household size:

Standard widthNominal capacityHousehold sizeTarget groupRemarks
45 cm9-10 place settings1-2 person householdsSingles/single people, couples without childrenFor single people and couples without children, a dishwasher with this nominal capacity is sufficient, moreover, such devices are offered in all the usual technical variants – freestanding, partially or fully integrable or even as an undercounter.
60 cm11-14 place settings3-5 person householdsFamilies, shared apartmentsFamilies with 3 to 5 people or even shared apartments with a similar number of people are well served by a dishwasher of this capacity.
Similar to dishwashers with a smaller nominal capacity, appliances with 11-14 place settings are available in all commercially available forms (freestanding, partially or fully integrable, or as an under-counter unit).

Once you have decided on a design, there are other important questions that need to be addressed:

  • What, how much and how often should be rinsed?
  • What is the maximum amount of energy that can be consumed?

You can find out more about this in the following sections.

Energy efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, the situation is similar to that of the installation types: there is a clear trend towards machines with particularly low power/water consumption. This is supported and encouraged by the European Union’s requirements, which oblige manufacturers to label appliances with the EU energy label. Since the early 1990s, this label has been clearly visible on many household appliances, be it a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine or even an automatic dishwasher.

Anyone who buys a dishwasher these days is therefore always supplied with a matching EU energy label (also known as the EU energy consumption label). In large electrical stores such as Media-Markt or Home Depot, this label must be clearly visible on the top or front of the dishwasher, so that the potential buyer can read off directly which energy efficiency class the appliance in question falls into.

New EU energy label valid from March 2021

Since 01.03.2021 there is a new version of this label . Not only for dishwashers, but also for washing machines, washer-dryers and refrigerators, this new energy label will then be found on the appliances offered for sale in accordance with regulations. The reason for the change in the label is the enormous technical development of all household appliances, which has had a particular impact on energy consumption.

The most important point in the changes is the introduction of a new class division:

  • Classes A+, A++ and A+++ have been completely eliminated,
  • Instead, appliances are divided into classes A to G (best possible to worst possible efficiency class).

The colors for the individual energy classes on the new EU label, on the other hand, have not changed. The best class (A) is therefore shown in green as before, and the worst (G) in red.

Consumption data on the new EU energy label

Consumption data on the new EU energy label
Consumption data on the new EU energy label

However, an important change can be found in the presentation of consumption data in the lower part of the EU label. There, the following data was previously indicated (until February 2021):

  • the electricity consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh) per year (for 280 standard rinses),
  • the water consumption in liters per year,
  • the drying efficiency class from A to G,
  • the rated capacity as the number of place settings,
  • the noise level.

Here you can now find the following values on the new EU label, which will be valid from March 2021:

  • QR code for further information,
  • Energy consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh) at 100 operating cycles in the reference program,
  • Nominal capacity as the number of measured place settings (unchanged),
  • Water consumption in liters for one operating cycle in the reference program,
  • Duration of the reference program (at max. occupancy, in hours:minutes)
  • Noise level in dB(A) and airborne noise emission class

Omission of the drying efficiency class

Another difference between the new and the old EU label is the drying performance or drying efficiency class. This value can no longer be found on the new EU label. The background to this is that a so-called minimum drying performance is now prescribed for all appliances, which corresponds to the drying efficiency class “A” valid until February 2021.

Drying efficiency

The energy efficiency of dishwashers is also influenced by the drying process used in each case. Because as far as drying the dishes is concerned, there are many ways to save energy here, too. However, for the drying mechanism to work at all, the dishwasher door must remain closed for around 30 minutes after the end of the washing and drying process. After that, the dishes should be completely dry.

As already mentioned in the section on the elimination of the drying efficiency class, the EU will require a minimum drying performance from March 2021. There will be no further classification into granular drying efficiency classes as before; instead, dishwasher manufacturers must ensure that their appliances have at least a drying efficiency equivalent to the highest drying efficiency class “A” previously in force, as of 03/2021. The specification on the EU energy label will no longer apply – “A” is, so to speak, the new standard valid for all manufacturers.

The use of zeolite drying systems, whose advantage over conventional drying systems is that no electrical energy is required at all during the drying process, is particularly advanced in terms of drying. Dishwashers using this technology are available, for example, from the manufacturers Bosch/Siemens or Neff.

The advantage over conventional drying systems is the complete elimination of electrical energy for the drying process. How this works is described very briefly below:

  • The mineral zeolite is integrated in the form of small white beads in a stainless steel sieve in the bottom of the appliance.
  • When the cleaning cycle enters the drying phase, a small fan is started which blows the humid air in the rinsing chamber towards the zeolite beads.
  • These absorb the moisture, heat up and increase the temperature in the wash chamber at the same time.
  • When the wash ware is completely dry, the water remains stored in the zeolite. During the next wash cycle, after heating, it is released back into the wash chamber (so you actually save water with this technology!).
This technology has several advantages: Zeolite is non-toxic, so it can be disposed of easily, and you save electricity and water. However, one disadvantage is the price: dishwashers with zeolite drying systems are quite expensive and less common.

Dishwasher interior

The various baskets for holding the dishes

The various baskets for holding the dishes

Inside the dishwashers you can find several baskets to hold the dishes:

  • the lower basket, which usually holds the heavier parts of the dishes,
  • the upper basket, which holds the lighter parts of the dishes (cups, small plates, glasses),
  • and occasionally a cutlery drawer above the upper basket, which is then used instead of the cutlery basket in the lower basket.

All these baskets are fitted with so-called “rows of spikes”, which are used to hold plates and saucers. However, in order to easily accommodate larger pots or pans, most of these spiked rows can be folded down.

That is, they can be folded to the side and thus allow space-saving accommodation of such bulky dishes.

The upper and lower baskets, as well as the cutlery basket, offer plenty of space for holding dirty dishes.

The normal cutlery basket is sufficient, for large families with a lot of washing up an extra cutlery drawer is recommended.

The dish rack: how much will fit in the dishwasher?

The dish rack: how much will fit in the dishwasher?

Dishwashers that accommodate the cutlery in the “cutlery drawer” mentioned above, i.e. that can use the entire lower or upper basket for dishes and serving pieces, can hold a particularly large amount of dishes.

But how much now really fits into your machine and can also be cleaned effectively – for this there is the concept of the measured place, which has been precisely defined by the EU, similar to the concept of energy efficiency.

A measured place setting, often referred to as a standard place setting in the product data sheets of many manufacturers, is a place setting composed of dishes, cutlery and serving pieces according to the European Standard EN 50242, which is used to determine the capacity of dishwashers.

It consists of a dinner plate, soup plate, dessert plate, saucer, cup, drinking glass, as well as a knife, fork, soup spoon, teaspoon and dessert spoon.

The standard cleaning cycle

So the above-mentioned measured deck is not only used to determine the rated capacity of a dishwasher under £300, but it is also used to find out how many dishes a dishwasher can clean in a so-called standard cleaning cycle.

And so that these values can be compared with each other for different machines, the standardization committees have defined exactly what is meant by this term.

As with many other terms used in household appliance technology, this term is also precisely defined in an EU regulation (it is the regulation with the designation 1016/2010). Basically, however, it means exactly what a normal person intuitively associates with it, namely a complete cleaning process for normally soiled dishes, including final drying.

Nevertheless, there is more to it than that. The standard cleaning cycle is used to calculate the energy efficiency class of the EU energy label. The EU regulation therefore requires manufacturers to provide clear information about the program known as the “standard program” that is selected for this “standard cleaning cycle”.

The spray arms

Above the dish racks rotate the spray arms, which, by the way, get their rotational energy from the water spraying out alone, so they don’t need an extra drive. Usually you have 2 spray arms, one for the lower basket and one for the upper basket.

It is important to note that the amount of water delivered is proportional to the load: a lot of dishes will usually require a lot of water, and this is also the reason why some dishwashers have a special “half load” program: this allows you to save water and electricity.

The load sensor

Instead of the special program just mentioned, Siemens machines also have the so-called load sensor, which detects the water level. If there are a lot of dishes in the machine, more water is needed for the dishes per time unit, i.e. the water level drops faster than with fewer dishes.

As a result, new water must be added more quickly. By measuring the water level, the load sensor always guarantees optimum water consumption, even when the dishwasher is half full or there are fewer dishes.

The AquaSensor

Another important interior detail is the AquaSensor present on some dishwashers under £300. This uses a beam of light to monitor the rinse water. Depending on how cloudy the rinse water has become, the AquaSensor can control water consumption and also the number of rinse cycles.


Programming dishwasher

Modern dishwashers usually have several washing programs that can be selected on the control panel at the touch of a button. These programs are supplemented by other additional functions, so that it is possible, for example, to combine an “Intensive 70°” program with the “Save time” function (varioSpeed).

As a rule, there is a display in the center where you can follow the status of the program; to the left of the display you can select the individual programs, to the right are usually the additional functions.

A modern automatic dishwasher makes it possible: clean dishes again in just a few minutes. There are several washing programs to choose from, which can be started conveniently at the touch of a button.

The ECO program is usually a particularly energy-efficient program. However, it is not suitable for heavily soiled or particularly delicate glassware: there are special programs for this, such as Bosch/Siemens Intensive 70° or Gentle 40°, which, in conjunction with the additional functions, clean the dishes sufficiently, but are not always quite as economical.

Another important feature is the Start Time function, which allows you to set the start of the wash cycle. For example, you can run the machine at night (cheaper electricity tariff) and then have the clean dishes available in the early morning.

However, one thing is important: the whole system must be protected against a burst hose, so that the kitchen is not unexpectedly flooded with water.

Most dishwashers today are equipped with such safety devices: Siemens and Bosch call them Aqua-Stop systems, Beko WaterSafe+. They all do the same thing: the water supply at the faucet is automatically shut off if the supply hose leaks.

Detergent, softener and rinse aid

Detergent, softener and rinse aid

For detergent and rinse aid, modern dishwashers each have a small (lockable) storage chamber in the appliance door; regeneration salt can be added to the storage container for special salt if the display recommends this. However, this indication is only for the case that one does not use detergents with salt component. In principle, there are two ways of softening the tap water:

  • The first possibility is to fill a special regenerating salt into the storage tank for the special salt. In order to do this in the correct quantity, the user is assisted by the salt refill indicator in the control panel. However, this must first be “calibrated”, i.e. the local water hardness must be ascertained from the responsible water supplier.

This value is then entered on the control panel and the unit can now be used until the salt refill indicator “sounds an alarm”: then simply refill the regeneration salt.

  • The second option is to use detergents with a salt component. If you use these – whether in tablet or powder form – the use of special salt is no longer necessary, unless the hardness of your water is above 21 degrees dH.

Normally, therefore, you will manage without the regenerating salt, and therefore you will no longer need the salt refill indicator. If you are annoyed by its flashing, you can switch it off (together with the entire softening system).

Water is the basis for the efficient cleaning processes of a dishwasher.

To protect the equipment from lime deposits, either regenerating salts or detergents with salt component should be used.

With rinse aids, it is similar to the special salt for the softening system: here, too, there is a refill indicator that signals whether you should refill with new rinse aid or whether the existing quantity is still sufficient for another rinse cycle. If you opt for a combined detergent with rinse aid component, you of course don’t need any more rinse aid and can switch off this indicator. The only restriction here is that the whole thing only works up to a water hardness level of 21 dH. If the water hardness is higher, you should use an extra rinse aid.

However, if you use the rinse aid separately from the detergent, you can usually regulate the dosage per rinse cycle in several stages using the program keys. The factory setting for the “standard dose” should be changed, especially if streaks (then set to a lower level) or water spots (then set to a higher level) are discovered on the dishes after drying.

With the current state of the art, optimum dishwashing results are still achieved by using detergent and salt or rinse aid separately. When using combination detergents, the instructions in the user manuals should be followed.

Best Integrated Dishwashers under £300

Candy CDIN 1L380PB-80 Integrated Full Size Dishwasher

3 new from £329.00
as of April 22, 2024 9:08 am

Candy is one of the most prestigious brands when it comes to manufacturing machines equipped with the latest technologies. The brand new dishwasher from this company offers you the possibility to solve your dishwashing problems in the shortest possible time. Moreover, it is extremely compact. Thus, you can easily place it in small spaces, in the kitchen or next to the sink to ensure a perfect dishwashing experience for a long time.

As for the build quality, it is up to the standard as Candy does not compromise on this feature. Moreover, the colors are attractive, which means that this dishwasher will surely enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Oh! and one more thing.


The price tag is extremely affordable. You can get one of the best dishwashers for less than £300, which exceeds the expectations of many people. In short, this is the only suitable choice for you if you need a portable and compact as well as effective dishwasher for your household at a reasonable price.

Ease of use

If we talk about some general features, the working process is extremely simple. You simply fill the machine with dirty dishes, plates or other cutlery. After that, you just need to turn on the device and it will start effectively removing stains from the dishes. On the top of this dishwasher, there is a sophisticated control panel with corresponding LED indicators that allow you to easily adjust the timings and other settings.

Moreover, the installation process is quite ingenious. You don’t need any tools to set it up. Just place it where you want, plug it in, and it will surely work like a charm. The Candy dishwasher can do more than just wash dishes. In fact, the machine also has a special dispenser technology that can dry the dishes in no time and without any problems.

In short, this is the best dishwasher under 2024, especially if you are tired of washing the dishes by yourself.

9.9Expert Score
Candy CDIN 1L380PB-80 Integrated Dishwasher

Despite some minor improvements, the Candy dishwasher is still the favorite among dishwashers for budget-conscious people. So, it would be better to consider it only if you have a budget of about £300.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Wash dishes effectively.
  • Aid dispenser dries the dishes.
  • Ideal for small kitchens.
  • It comes with a stylish control panel.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy to use.
  • Requires expert installation.

Hotpoint Integrated HIE2B19 60cm Dishwasher

5 new from £289.00
as of April 22, 2024 9:08 am

Hotpoint is another company that has impressed many customers when it comes to making affordable dishwashers on the market. That is, the brand new HIE2B19 has a sturdy construction. In fact, the entire construction has been made with high-quality materials to ensure a long life. Therefore, it will be easy for you to use this dishwasher in your kitchen for a long time.


Just like the best dishwasher I mentioned above, this one is also portable and compact. The countertop design allows you to place the dishwasher on top of the kitchen shelf without making a mess. As far as dishwashing goes, Hotpoint has made sure that this machine will never let you down. Plus, it’s so easy to use that you can easily get full use out of it even the first time you use it.

And finally, it is the price that attracts many customers and is the main reason for its popularity. Well, first of all, I will discuss the interior of this dishwasher. It is made of stainless steel. Inside the dishwasher, there are 6 different compartments where you can put plates, pots, spoons, forks, cups, glasses and much more.

Ease of use/operation

The dishwashing process is done through a 7-cycle process that ensures not a single spot is left on the dishes. A minimalist control panel with various control buttons and LED indicators provides a better dishwashing experience. This means you can adjust settings with ease. That being said, despite its compact design, the best dishwasher offers more space than many other dishwashers of the same price level.

This is because various spaces are already provided, making your work easier if you want to put a large amount of dishes in it. Finally, the dishwasher uses at least 22.6 gallons of water to clean all the dishes optimally.

The Hotpoint dishwasher currently dominates the market. However, leaking hoses are still commonplace and that is the reason why it will frustrate many people.

9.9Expert Score
Hotpoint Integrated HIE2B19

Hotpoint has indeed launched one of the best dishwashers on the market, which is much better than that of other low-budget machines. So, it would be better to invest in this dishwasher than regretting the money spent on a non-durable appliance.

  • Portable kitchen dishwasher
  • Integrated design.
  • LED indicators are present.
  • Durable and sturdy shape.
  • Different compartments are present.
  • Perfect for small kitchens.
  • The leakage of the hose is a common issue.

COMFEE' KWH-BD1215P-W Fully Integrated Dishwasher

as of April 22, 2024 9:08 am

Now it’s time for us to discuss some beasts on the market that are famous for removing dirty stains from dishes as if it’s nothing at all. COMFEE’ KWH-BD1215P-W is indeed a bulky dishwasher and you need to make a large amount of space for it, so it can be set in this area, but it is affordable dishwasher under your budget. The design is not the countertop. So you should not think about it, especially if you are looking for the best dishwasher for your small kitchen.


Talking about the design and shape, it seems smooth and sturdy. High-quality materials have been used in the manufacturing of this machine to ensure that it will last for a long time. Therefore, you can use this dishwasher for a long time and it will not cause any problems. If you need a better dishwasher and budget is not an issue, then you should definitely go for this model as it will give you the due value and will surely justify its price.


Among its technical features is the availability of 8 different compartments. In these compartments, you can store pots, plates, spoons, forks, bowls and anything else that is present in your kitchen. However, keep in mind that the more dishes you put in it, the more time it will take to clean and dry them.

Aside from that, the control panel on the top of the dishwasher is easy to use. This control panel contains various buttons, including those for the rinse cycles. This way, you can adjust the settings depending on the type of dishes you want to clean.


The rinse programs include heavy, ECO, glass, normal, fast, and rinse. You can select them depending on your preferences. One of the most notable features I noticed with this dishwasher is the automatic leak sensor, which detects leaks (if any) and shuts down the machine immediately.


Finally, the best dishwasher offers silent operation as it operates at 47 dB, which is nothing at all. You get a complete package in the form of a dishwasher and that is exactly what I liked about this machine.

The price range is an issue for people who are already on a budget. Therefore, I recommend that they look at the other options I discussed above, as this dishwasher is not affordable for everyone.

9.9Expert Score
COMFEE' KWH-BD1215P-W Integrated Dishwasher

The COMFEE’ KWH-BD1215P-W is indeed the best dishwasher available in 2024. However, this dishwasher is not portable and will cost you some heavy dollars as well. So you better get it before it is sold out.

  • 8 different compartment settings.
  • 6 washing cycles.
  • The sophisticated control panel
  • Ideal for large households.
  • Durable and sturdy design.
  • Automatic leakage scan is present.
  • Requires expert installation.
  • Acquires more space.
  • Price.

SHARP QW-NI4I47EX-EN, 45 cm Integrated Dishwasher

as of April 22, 2024 9:08 am

SHARP QW-NI4I47EX-EN is a modern dishwasher available in the market with a integrated design. So it can be easily placed on the slimline of small kitchens to provide an ideal dishwashing experience. That is, one of the best dishwashers has a compact shape at the same time. No matter how small the space you have, this machine will never disappoint you.

As for the construction, SHARP is known for products of the highest quality. Therefore, you won’t get anything cheaper, even if the price is much more affordable than other conventional dishwashers on the market. The features and quality combined with a minimalistic design make SHARP a popular brand when it comes to dishwashing. If you haven’t experienced washing dishes in a dishwasher, I highly recommend getting this machine because it’s the best dishwasher available in 2024.

First, there is a 6 place setting inside the dishwasher has been made. You can put different dishes in different compartments to wash and rinse them thoroughly. On the other hand, the working process is also super quiet. That is, even when the dishwasher is running at full speed, you won’t hear any noise.


On top of the machine, there is a neat control panel that allows you to adjust various settings. This will make dishwashing a pleasant activity. One of the best integrated dishwashers available on the market uses about 3.11 gallons of water in a full wash cycle, which means that you can save a lot of water if you decide to wash the dishes manually. Also, the best dishwasher has 6 different wash cycles that ensure thorough cleaning, rinsing, and drying in the shortest time possible.

Although SHARP offers a well-thought-out solution with the ideal dishwasher, the customer support is abysmal. You will not get any response from the company regarding various problems of the machine you want to discuss.

9.5Expert Score

The dishwasher presented by SHARP certainly has some small improvements, but it is also very cheap for that. So, it would be better for you to consider it if more money is not a good choice for you.

  • Slimline dishwasher.
  • It comes with a 6-place setting.
  • Cleans each dish perfectly.
  • Uses 3.11 gallons of water only.
  • It comes with a proper control panel.
  • Easy installation.
  • 6 wash cycles are present.
  • Ideal for small kitchens.
  • Customer support is terrible.

Indesit DSIE 2B10 Integrated Dishwasher

as of April 22, 2024 9:08 am

Indesit DSIE 2B10 is a famous manufacturer that specializes in producing the newest dishwashers on the market. The brand new DSIE 2B10 dishwasher has a countertop design and can be easily placed on the top shelf in the kitchen without taking up space. The build quality is also very solid. That means this dishwasher can serve you well for many years.


Speaking of the features, they are quite impressive, even if the price is not that high. Apart from that, despite its compact size, the Indesit DSIE 2B10 allows you to wash different dishes at once as it has a special compartment. In short, for an affordable budget, you get an effective dishwasher that can operate for a long time.

There are 6 different compartments inside. So, you can easily accommodate different dishes like pots, plates, knives, spoons, bowls, etc.

LED controls/functions

One of the best features of the Indesit dishwasher is the electronic LED controls. The sophisticated control panel allows you to adjust various settings without having to worry about anything.

Moreover, this dishwasher offers a 24-hour delay function that can easily remove stubborn stains on various dishes. Last but not least, this dishwasher has a special child lock that ensures that the appliance will still work smoothly even if a child tries to tamper with it.

Indesit is indeed an ideal dishwasher for removing stains from various dishes, but according to some reliable customers, the stubborn stains remain on the dishes, which is a problem.

9.5Expert Score
Indesit DSIE 2B10

So, one of the best dishwashers from Indesit is a real bargain on the market, and I recommend you to buy it, especially if you want to enjoy a machine with the latest technologies.

  • Compact countertop design.
  • Electronic touch controls.
  • 6 different compartments available.
  • 7 wash cycles mode.
  • Comes with a durable design.
  • Not so ideal for persistent stains.

BEKO DIN15R20 Fully Integrated Standard Dishwasher
as of April 22, 2024 9:08 am

Even the name makes it clear that this dishwasher will take up much less space than expected. Nevertheless, it can be easily accommodated even in kitchens of smaller apartments, so you can take full advantage of it. Moreover, the construction is extremely solid.

That means you will definitely be able to use this dishwasher for many years. And although the features are much more than you would expect, this dishwasher still costs much less than other washers available on the market.


While we’re on the subject of general features: One of the best washing machines has a user-friendly control panel where you can find various buttons. With the help of the control panel, you can easily set the functions. Besides, the inside provides much more space to ensure a better washing experience in a short time. In short, the high working performance is the reason why many people are interested in this beast of Beko.

The dishwasher offers the possibility to clean different dishes at once. However, depending on the current resources, the work may get stuck in different places.

9.5Expert Score
Beko DIN15R20 Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Thus, Beko is another choice that a budget-minded person can have, especially if they want to enjoy the latest technologies without worries.

  • Fully Integrated design
  • Ideal for small apartments
  • Sleek design
  • Inside is made up of stainless steel
  • Suitable for different dishes
  • Cycle can get stuck
  • No other cons

Hisense HV520E40UK E Fully Integrated Dishwasher

as of April 20, 2024 1:19 am

Offers better features at what is sure to be an affordable price. The brand new HV520E40UK allows you to wash dishes such as plates, pots, bowls and spoons with ease. Moreover, this dishwasher has a compact design that allows you to place it in different places in the kitchen without any worries. Apart from that, the features that it offers are far better than the price that this machine has.

One of the best features is that this machine offers 7 wash cycles. You can make different settings depending on the type of dishes you want to wash with this machine. Thanks to the electronic control and LED display, you can easily operate this dishwasher. Not only that, but it also enhances the beauty of the machine as it will look beautiful on the top shelf in the kitchen. In short, if you want to make a long-term investment even with a small budget, then Hoover dishwasher is the only suitable choice for you.

9.5Expert Score
Hisense HV520E40UK

Get the best dishwasher available in 2024 at an affordable price and with improved features.

  • Fully Integrated dishwasher
  • 7 wash cycles.
  • Stainless steel inside
  • Not so durable

Hotpoint HSIC3M19CUKN Slimline Fully Integrated Dishwasher

2 new from £315.02
as of April 22, 2024 9:08 am

This portable dishwasher has a surprisingly compact size, but powerful washing performance. It can be connected to the sink via an adapter for optimal performance. The special feature of this dishwasher is that it is easy to use with the push of a button, automatic detergent supply and automatic rinse, which help the user to work with this dishwasher. Using the dishwasher is very simple: connect the hose, turn on the hot water, press a few buttons and it is ready to use.


The dishwasher offers variety in the form of 6 different wash cycles with different strength to achieve the best results. The size of the unit is perfect to fit in small kitchens and even between cabinets, and is great for condos and dorms.

The only downside is that you can’t use the faucet when it’s running.

9.5Expert Score
Hotpoint HSIC3M19CUKN

Ivation’s best dishwasher is sure to exceed your expectations when it comes to cleaning pots, pans and dishes. In eco mode and using standard dishwashing detergent, it can clean a load of dishes in about an hour, using only 3 gallons of water.

  • Compact size
  • Don’t make noise
  • No leaks
  • Variety of controls
  • Small for big dinning dishes

Bosch SMV40C30GB Integrated Full Size Dishwasher

as of April 20, 2024 1:19 am

You do not need to worry about turning off your sink, because when the water is filled, it turns off. The electronic controls and digital display make it a real eye-catcher and easy to use. Run times can vary from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours for pots and pans, depending on your needs.

The hygienic residual drying system avoids the use of air outside the dishwasher. This dishwasher is very easy to install thanks to the quick coupling. It has a heater, but it is mainly used in the last cycle to increase the water temperature for hygiene purposes and for residual heat drying. However, for better results, it should be connected to a hot water pipe.

9.5Expert Score
Bosch SMV40C30GB Integrated Dishwasher

This is one of the best 2024 dishwashers in our list in terms of size and performance. It can easily fit in a small apartment with 800 square feet. Perfect space-saving design and portability, the results that are nothing less than a full-size dishwasher.

  • Fairly quiet
  • Reduce your water bills
  • Awesome with cascade packs
  • Big dishes might not fit in

Cookology CBID601 Fully Integrated Dishwasher

3 new from £269.99
as of April 22, 2024 9:08 am

Cookology Fully Integrated Dishwasher pans are durable and can withstand heat better than plastic. Water can be heated to a higher temperature for better cleaning. Cookology retains heat better, which increases drying time and saves you money.

Easy to install

Features like the time delay allow you to program the operation for a later start time from 1 to 24 hours. With the error code display function, you can easily find the error. Quick connect to any kitchen faucet eliminates the need for direct piping or permanent installations.


The upper basket cleans very well thanks to a clever system of water delivery to an upper sprinkler that hangs below the upper basket. The two-stage sprinklers make cleaning very easy and efficient. A beep sounds to remind you of various things, such as starting, stopping, and turning off the unit.

If you don’t want to spend extra money on a fixed dishwasher and don’t have much space in your kitchen, then this portable dishwasher is just what you need. Connecting it to the faucet takes only a few seconds.

The water and power cords are relatively short, which means that the dishwasher has to be placed right at the kitchen counter.

9.5Expert Score
Cookology Fully Integrated Dishwasher

The last in our list of the best dishwashers 2024, but certainly not the last. This machine has features and functions that will compel you to keep it as a permanent fixture in your kitchen. This machine cleans almost everything from pots, pans, glasses, and even model sports water bottles without you having to worry about damage. You can just put it anywhere in the kitchen.

  • No leaks easy attachment to faucet
  • Extremely quite
  • Electricity efficient
  • Bit expensive


What is a fully integrated dishwasher?

This is a dishwasher that stands under the continuous tabletop of a kitchen unit and is equipped with a furniture door at the front.

The visual advantage of such an appliance is its complete integration into its surroundings: when looking at it from the outside, it is initially not apparent that there is a dishwasher here. Only after opening the door lock, the keypad for operating the dishwasher becomes visible on the top of the appliance door, so that you can then use the appliance.

A child lock in the form of a keypad lock is usually unnecessary for such appliances, since direct access to the keypad is not visible.

What is an undercounter dishwasher?

The main point about an undercounter dishwasher is: this device comes without a cover plate. As the name “undercounter” suggests: it is located below a continuous tabletop of the kitchen counter, but it is clearly visible from the front, because the front of the device, after all, is supplied by the manufacturer of the dishwasher.

Since this front panel of the dishwasher including the corresponding control keys is visible, the appliance can also be operated directly from the front without having to open a special door. The keypad is therefore accessible from the front and should definitely be able to be secured by a keypad lock (child lock).

What is the difference between semi-integrated and underbuildable?

Semi-integratable dishwashers have original furniture fronts mounted on the front. This means that they are not initially recognizable as kitchen appliances; however, and this is the main difference from fully integrated appliances, the control panel is left exposed so that it can be seen from the front.

So, similar to the fully integratable dishwashers, the semi-integratable ones are well adapted to the kitchen counter, but the control panel is more easily accessible than in the fully integrated ones.

But what is the difference with the under-mountable appliances? Well, the under-mountable ones are supplied without a cover plate. So it is assumed that a continuous tabletop is already present in the kitchen unit. The difference with “partially integrable built-in appliances” is this: the front is not adapted to the furniture, because the front door is supplied by the manufacturer of the dishwasher.

Another recommendation on the subject of child safety locks: for partially integrable or under-mount dishwashers, a child safety lock (keypad lock) is definitely useful.

What does the term “10 place settings” mean for dishwashers?

The term “measured decks” is defined in the European standard EN 50242 (Measurement methods for the performance of household electric dishwashers). There it is defined exactly what such a measure deck consists of. For example, a dinner plate with a diameter of 26 cm, a soup plate with a diameter of 23 cm, a dessert plate with a diameter of 19 cm, etc., a total of 11 typical household items are listed with their dimensions.

The dimension deck specification offers a great advantage for the user: one can see from it very quickly whether the appliance to be purchased is sufficient for one’s own family. For example, appliances with a standard width of 45cm usually have room for 9-10 place settings, which is usually enough for a 1-2 person household.

The situation is different for appliances with a standard width of 60 cm: these have room for 11-14 place settings, which is sufficient for 3-5-person households, i.e. families or shared apartments.

How long does a dishwasher usually last?

To get to the filter, you need to remove the bottom rack of the dishwasher, which exposes the bottom That depends, of course, on the intensity of use. In the Stiftung Warentest tests, for example, the machines are subjected to a simulated endurance test of 10 years, with 280 cleaning cycles per year – i.e. slightly more than 5 per week.

If, however, 3 rinsing cycles per week are assumed (which is roughly the average for a 4-person household), this comes to 156 per year. That makes 2000 rinses in a little more than 12 years (it is more exactly 12.8 years). From this point on, you have to reckon with the fact that the motors and other wearing parts of the machines can become defective and therefore possibly have to be replaced.

However, whether this limit of just over 12 years is reached at all depends on many factors. One of the most important is the regular maintenance of the machines, which includes, for example, descaling – especially in those areas where the hardness of the water is particularly high.

What sizes are there for dishwashers?

There is something for everyone here: small households with 1 to 2 people, for example, are already satisfied with a dishwasher with a width of 40cm. But dishwashers with a width of 45cm or 50cm are also popular with such households or target groups.

For medium-sized households with 3-5 persons, dishwashers with a width of 55cm to 60cm are more suitable. Such appliances have a capacity of 11-14 place settings and are available as freestanding, partially or fully integrable or as undercounter models.

For particularly large households, commercial operations or canteens, there are then also XXL dishwashers, but they are not used in private applications.

But what about the other sizes that determine the volume of such an appliance? There is, for example, the height, and here a standard has also become established: the height without worktop is 81 cm, with worktop it is 92 cm.

As for the depth of the units, a standard of 60 centimeters has become established. So you see: the height and depth of dishwashers are largely standardized to a certain value, only in terms of width, the devices have been divided into 2 different categories, but this makes sense, because the size of households today is largely determined by these 2 areas 1-2 person households and 3-5-person households.

What does zeolite drying system in dishwashers mean?

Zeolite is a mineral that is used in the drying systems of dishwashers. The great advantage of this material is the fact that when it is used for drying in a dishwasher, electrical energy is no longer required.

In detail, it works as follows: in the bottom of the dishwasher there is a small tray with the zeolite beads. When the washing process is finished, a fan blows the humid air towards the zeolite beads.

These have the property that they absorb the moisture from the surrounding air and thus heat up. At some point, the drying process is finished and all the residual moisture is now in the zeolite.

When you restart the dishwasher again, the mineral is heated up and then releases its moisture for the coming wash cycle. So you not only save energy, but even water with this drying system.

On top of that, zeolite is a completely non-toxic material that can be easily reused even after an appliance is scrapped.

How can I decalcify my dishwasher?

The purpose of descaling a dishwasher is to reduce the hardness of the rinse water used. It should be taken into account that this is not the softening of drinking water, because the products supplied by the water companies have hardness levels between ‘soft’, ‘medium’ and ‘hard’, but all of them are completely harmless to human health.

In the case of a dishwasher, things are different: here there are components that are particularly sensitive to hard water. These include, for example, the piping, seals, the heating element and the valves. Over time, lime scale can build up on these parts, and this can lead to the heating element having to work longer and harder to reach the desired temperature.

And how do you decalcify a dishwasher if you have discovered these lime deposits on the heating element? Either you get rid of the lime with classic means such as citric acid or vinegar, or you use one of the numerous special decalcifiers for dishwashers, which you can get in Amazon or in specialized shops.

In any case, it’s a good idea to take a look at the manufacturer’s operating instructions because you’ll find useful instructions for descaling that make sense for the machine in question.

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