AEG Dishwashers

AEG is still one of the most popular household appliance brands in UK. Founded in 1883, the brand now belongs to the Electrolux Group. In the dishwasher segment, the brand offers both models with a standard width of 60 cm and dishwashers with a width of 45 cm, which are primarily intended for single households. AEG dishwashers impress consumers above all with their quality, durability, comfort and efficiency. With this brand, you will often find state-of-the-art technology designed to optimise and facilitate dishwashing.

AEG Dishwashers in UK

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Typical product features

AEG dishwashers are offered for every household situation. Whether freestanding, integratable or undercounter dishwashers, you will find the right model for all kitchens. XXL dishwashers are also included in the brand’s portfolio. In addition to the different widths, models with different features are also offered. For some, the main focus is on ease of use, for others it is more on a solid design without any special extras. Here are some typical product features of AEG dishwashers:

Airdry technology

AEG’s AirDry technology optimises the drying of dishes, glasses, cups and cutlery by means of a natural air flow. This is done by automatically opening the door by 10 cm during the final phase. This also saves electricity costs.

ComfortLift function

This is a lifting mechanism that slowly raises the lower crockery basket to a comfortable working height. This makes it easy to load and unload the dishwasher, as you no longer have to bend down.

SprayZone function

This function is intended to achieve a better cleaning result. When this is activated, intensive cleaning is carried out in a special area to remove particularly stubborn residues from the dishes. This is done without any prior pre-rinsing or soaking.

Special features and functions

  • QuickSelect – choice between a slower but energy-efficient programme or a fast cleaning programme with higher energy consumption by means of a swipe gesture on the display
  • ProClean satellite spray arm – with 5 spray levels reaches every corner of the interior for a better wash result
  • SoftSpikes and SoftGrips – while SoftSpikes prevent sensitive glasses from slipping, the SoftGrips guarantee the best grip even on long-stemmed glasses
  • Sensorlogic load detection – determines the type of dishes, quantity and the water supply required for them
  • AutoOff automatic switch-off – automatic switch-off 10 minutes after the end of the programme
  • BeamOnFloor 2-colour – on integrable models a red light dot (programme running) or a green light dot (programme finished) is projected onto the floor
  • Extra Silent programme – with a noise level of max. 37 dB (A)
  • ExtraHygiene, TimeSaver and XtraDry options
  • Partial LED interior lighting

About AEG

AEG Aktiengesellschaft was once one of the world’s largest electrical companies. Founded in 1883 in Berlin as Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektricität (German Edison Company for Applied Electricity), AEG specialised early on in products for electrical power engineering and household needs, so-called “white goods”. In 1982 the company went bankrupt and was taken over by Daimler-Benz AG in 1985. Later, the company divested itself of the entire division and sold the brand to Electrolux, which granted licences for the use of the brand. In the meantime, many different manufacturers offer electrical goods such as household appliances under the AEG brand.

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